Justice and Accountability for Atrocity Crimes


Envisioning Accountability for Victims of Atrocity Crimes in Syria, Myanmar, and China

Jane E. Stromseth (Moderator) – Francis Cabell Brown Professor of International Law, Georgetown Law
Tom Andrews – UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar; Senior Robina Human Rights Fellow, Schell International Human Rights Center, Yale University Law School; Associate, Asia Center, Harvard University
Beth Van Schaack – Leah Kaplan Visiting Professor of Human Rights, Stanford Law School
Param-Preet Singh – Associate Director, International Justice Program, Human Rights Watch

Keynote Address by Philippe Sands

On Justice and Accountability: From East West Street to The Ratline and Beyond

William Treanor (Introduction) – Dean, Georgetown Law

Philippe Sands – Professor of Law, University College London
Barrister at Matrix Chambers
Author of East West Street and The Ratline

Melissa Stewart (Moderator) – Dash-Muse Teaching Fellow and Adjunct Professor of Law, Human Rights Institute, Georgetown Law

Panel: The Future of International Criminal Justice at the International Criminal Court

David Luban (Moderator) – University Professor and Professor of Law and Philosophy, Georgetown Law

Todd Buchwald – Professorial Lecturer in Law, George Washington University Law School

Margaret M. deGuzman – James E. Beasley Professor of Law and Co-Director, Institute for International Law and Public Policy, Temple Law School

Charles C. Jalloh – Professor of Law, Florida International University; Member, UN International Law Commission

Panel: No Choice: Analyzing Attacks on Health as a Driver of Forcible Displacement in Syria

Presentation of Research Findings by the Human Rights Institute’s Human Rights Fact-Finding Practicum

Scott Gilmore (Moderator and Instructor) – Of Counsel, Hausfeld, LLP; Adjunct Professor of Law, Georgetown Law

Melissa Stewart (Moderator and Instructor) – Dash-Muse Teaching Fellow and Adjunct Professor of Law, Human Rights Institute, Georgetown Law

Dennis Blumenfeld (L’22)

Aysha Chowdhry (L’23)

Jacob Demree (L’22)

Elizabeth Fray (L’22)

Juliana Lord (L’22)

Hibah Siddiqui (L’22)