Religion and human rights: a conversation with Elisa Massimino

October 11, 2022

The Berkley Forum at Georgetown Law's Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs sat down with Elisa Massimino to discuss the aspirations of the Center's Rethinking Religion and Human Rights project, the scope of her advocacy work, and relevant issues at the intersection of religion and human rights.

“My own human rights journey started in the context of protecting refugees. And I’ve yet to find a faith that does not have as a central tenet the importance of welcoming the stranger. So, I have always worked very closely with religious communities,” Massimino said.

“We know that religion has been a flashpoint for human rights violations, and contentions around religious belief have created some environments where rights are not respected. We also know that people of faith have been at the forefront, literally and figuratively, of attempts to solve these problems and ensure that people’s rights are respected.”

Read the full interview with Elisa Massimino here.