The Institute of International Economic Law (IIEL) is at the forefront of research in the international economic law and policy space, offering prolific faculty scholarship, leadership of the Journal of International Economic Law (JIEL), and hosting Visiting Researchers from around the world — all vital components of our stakeholder community.

Our Faculty’s work spans all of the major disciplines of international economic law—from sovereign debt to financial regulation to international trade and arbitration—and helps shape academic and policy conversations in Washington and around the globe.

Journal of International Economic Law

Along with promoting policy-related research, IIEL sponsors the Journal of International Economic Law (JIEL). An academic publication of Oxford University Press, JIEL is dedicated to encouraging thoughtful and scholarly attention to international economic law.

As one of the leading publications in the field, JIEL leverages preeminence in trade with innovative research in new areas of concern including international financial regulation, tax, and monetary affairs.

JIEL is a major initiative of the institute and is consistently relied on by scholars, government officials, and legal professionals for understanding developments and trends in the field.

Visiting Researchers

Leading experts from academia, industry and government come to IIEL as Research Fellows to advance scholarship and contribute to public debate in international economic law.

Fellows carry out research independently and participate in Institute sponsored initiatives, bringing their expertise to bear on a wide range of issues in the area. They engage in all aspects of IIEL’s ongoing research on issues such as trade, financial regulation, arbitration, tax and transnational business.

The IIEL Research Fellows Program supports high-potential candidates for graduate programs and careers in law. Research Fellows work alongside faculty, S.J.D. candidates and IIEL fellows to strengthen their skills and refine their research interests in international economic law.

For further information regarding Georgetown Law’s Visiting Researcher Program, including an application, please contact Georgetown Law’s Office of Transnational Programs. Please indicate an interest in the IIEL in your application to the Visiting Researcher program.