International Tax Policy Forum

Routinely covered by U.S. and global media, the tax conference attracts top tax thought-leaders and policymakers from Capitol Hill and the White House. Please find the 2019 program here and watch the recording of the 2019 conference here.

About the ITPF

Founded in 1992, the ITPF is a group of about 50 multinational companies with a diverse industry representation. The ITPF’s mission is to promote research and education on the taxation of cross-border investment. The ITPF sponsors academic research and conferences on international tax issues. The ITPF does not take positions on specific legislative proposals. Please visit the ITPF’s website to learn more.

ITPF / Georgetown Law Conference 2023

Please join the Georgetown Law’s Institute of International Economic Law (IIEL) and the International Tax Policy Forum (ITPF) for the 2023 ITPF / Georgetown Law Conference – International Taxation in Flux. The ITPF / Georgetown Law Conference 2023 – International Taxation in Flux will be held Thursday, January 12, 2023 in-person at Georgetown Law and virtually via Zoom. Seats are limited – reserve your ticket today!

The nearly century-old bedrock principles for cross-border income taxation are crumbling under pressure from the globally integrated, knowledge-based economy and the need for governments to mobilize revenues to address, among other things, pandemic debt and demographic change.

In reaction to unilateral measures that breach international norms – such as digital services taxes – the OECD and G20 have led an initiative that produced in October 2021 an historic two-pillar “solution” to these tax challenges that has been agreed by 137 countries. The agreement would assign international taxing rights under a combination of arm’s length pricing and unitary sales-based formulary apportionment and set a minimum rate of corporate income taxation.

This conference will assess the two-pillar project and consider whether it is fit for purpose and better than the alternatives, with a keynote speech from Treasury Deputy Assistant Secretary Itai Grinberg. Preview the 2022 conference agenda here.