Recent publications of the Institute of International Economic Law (IIEL) include two seminal books on the law and policy of Brexit, edited by Jennifer Hillman and Gary Horlick; both of which draw on discussions, research and students from a historic first U.S Law school course on Brexit that was offered at Georgetown Law.


In early August 2018 following a second Brexit seminar, IIEL published Getting to Brexit and an updated roadmap. This second volume was released following the UK’s invocation of Article 50’s withdrawal provision. As such, Jennifer Hillman comments in the preface:

….the focus of the chapters of this book are on the interpretation and implication of …. two [critical post-Article 50] legal texts—what exactly does the Draft Withdrawal Agreement and the UK’s repeal bill mean for the future relationship between the UK, the EU and the rest of the world across a range of trade and economic issues? What are the key sticking points in reaching a final withdrawal agreement? What is the timing and process for implementing such a final deal? What law and policy issues remain under debate in the UK under its repeal bill? What is likely to happen during the 21-month transition period? Each of the following chapters reflects the work done by the Georgetown Law students in our seminar to answer these questions and more. They are broadly grouped into those papers addressing issues that fall to the UK to address in the immediate future as part of its repeal process, those addressing implications of the Draft Withdrawal Agreement, and those which must be addressed in any understandings on the future relationship between the UK, the EU and the rest of the world.

On publication, both volumes topped Amazon’s bestseller’s list, in the international and foreign law category. Both the books and their respective road-maps are available for download at no charge above. Print copies of the books are available for purchase from Amazon (Legal Aspects of Brexit & Getting to Brexit).

BREXIT in 2017

Legal Aspects of Brexit was published in 2017 on the very day that Prime Minister Theresa May initiated a two-year process through which the UK will withdraw from the EU. Legal Aspects of Brexit includes papers covering a wide array of Brexit dilemmas, ranging from the implications for the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, to the potential for investor-state disputes, to the status of EU trade agreements with Canada, Korea and the East African Community to the effect on everything from human rights, to data privacy, to geographical indications, to financial services, to the English Premier League soccer player and more. Each paper explores what EU law, if any, would remain in place in a post-Brexit UK and what the UK can or should do to fill any holes created in their legal framework, along with an analysis of any new or different obligations placed on the EU or its institutions in a post-Brexit world.

The book also contains an extensive road-map to the many sources of information and analysis about Brexit and its implications for the UK, the EU and the rest of the world.

Please click here for a downloadable copy of the inaugural roadmap and click here for the Georgetown Law press release.