DC Fintech Week

These developments offer enormous opportunities and challenges, and require serious, thoughtful fora in which ideas and views across the private and public sectors can be exchanged. DC Fintech Week was inaugurated with the purpose of providing just such a global forum, several months after the initial launch of the OCC’s ‘fintech charter’ here at the Institute. Now, several years later, the event has grown to become one of the most important fintech policy forums not only in the United States, but in the world.

About Fintech Week

Each year, Fintech Week brings together the best and the brightest for discussions spanning the fintech ecosystem. As such, it is one of few conferences open to the public where top officers from organizations such as the Bank for International Settlements, U.S. Treasury Department, International Monetary Fund, and the Securities and Exchange Commission are able to dialogue collectively with economists, bitcoin traders, academics, and digital infrastructure providers.

During our unique, multidisciplinary sessions with many of the world’s top fintech experts, panelists continue the conversation and demystify cutting edge regulatory developments and technologies and to engage one another as to what those changes mean from the standpoints of both policy and market practice—all in a manner understandable to laypeople.

Meanwhile, heads of key regulatory agencies will offer their perspectives and insight as to recent and upcoming developments. In doing so, the conference seeks to democratize the availability of critical information about financial technology and to broaden the public’s understanding of issues that are transforming the global economy. Learn more about our annual Fintech Week conference here.