Collections & Reserve Materials

Williams Call Numbers

A to J 5th Floor
Non-Law Subjects, including General Works, Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, History, Geography, Social Sciences, and Political Science.

K1 to K30 Williams 1st Floor
Bound journals. Recent issues are available at the Circulation Desk.

K31 to K9999 Williams 5th Floor
Law Subjects (not jurisdiction-specific)

KB Williams 5th Floor
Religious Law, including Jewish Law, Islamic Law, and Canon Law.

KD Williams 5th Floor
Law of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

KE Williams 5th Floor
Law of Canada.

KF1 to KF446 Williams 5th Floor
United States Law.

KF450 to KF9999; KFX to KFZ Williams 4th Floor
United States Law; Law of U.S. Cities and U.S. Territories.

KFA to KFW Williams 1st Floor
Law of U.S. States.

KG to KGZ Williams 4th Floor
Law of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

KH to KHW Williams 4th Floor
Law of South American Jurisdictions.

KJ to KKZ Williams 4th Floor
Law of European Jurisdictions (other than the UK and Ireland).

KL to KWX Williams 4th Floor
Law of Asian, African, and Pacific Jurisdictions.

KZ1 to KZ171 Williams 4th Floor
International Law.

KZ172 to KZ999 Williams 3rd Floor
International Law.

L to Z Williams 3rd Floor
Non-Law Subjects, including Education, Art and Architecture, Literature, Mathematics, Technology, Computing, Medicine, and Military Science.