Art Law
Art Full Text

Subjects: Art Law, Journals and Journal Indexes

Art Full Text is a comprehensive resource for art information featuring full-text articles from more than 300 periodicals dating back to 1995, high-quality indexing and abstracting of over 600 periodicals dating as far back as 1984, including 280 peer-reviewed journals, as well as indexing and abstracting of over 13,000 art dissertations. Indexing of almost 200,000 art reproductions provides examples of styles and art movements, including works by emerging artists. The database covers fine, decorative and commercial art, folk art, photography, film, and architecture, and also includes a database-specific thesaurus.

FBI Art Theft Program

Subjects: Art Law

The FBI maintains the National Stolen Art File, which is a database of lost or stolen art. This site also has news and notices about recent thefts and other issues relating to art theft.