Civil Rights
Civil Rights Digital Library

Subjects: History, Legal History, Race and Ethnicity, Civil Rights

The Civil Rights Digital Library contails three principal components: 1) a digital video archive of historical news film of key events of the Civil Rights Movement, 2) a civil rights portal providing a seamless virtual library on the Movement by connecting related digital collections on a national scale, and 3) a learning objects component delivering secondary Web-based resources .

United States Law Week (BNA)

Subjects: Civil Rights, Constitutional Law

"United States Law Week provides notification of changes in every area of the law. It tracks every Supreme Court petition and case on the docket, from filing to final disposition. The Supreme Court Today component of Law Week on the web is a searchable database, with daily updates, allowing users to view the status of and search summaries of certiorari petitions filed since the 1995 October Term. The database also contains the full text of Supreme Court opinions, oral argument schedules, selected oral argument summaries, annual reviews of the Court's decisions, and more. The print version provides weekly coverage of all proceedings: Williams Reference collection at KF105 .U6 ."