International Encyclopaedia of Laws: Criminal Law

Subjects: International Law, International Criminal Law

The national monographs in this database provide a general insight into criminal law and procedure in different countries. For each country, an introduction presents the requisite background knowledge for understanding the principles of criminal justice, and then proceeds to a detailed examination of substantive criminal law – its general principles, the principles of criminal responsibility or liability, and the grounds for the justification of criminal offences. A third part is focused upon criminal procedure in each country: the general characteristics of the procedure, the organization of investigation, pre-trial proceedings, trial stage and appeals. A final part covers the execution and extinction of the sanctions.

International Justice Tribune Newsletter and Archives

Subjects: International Criminal Law

Covers international criminal justice and "publishes investigative articles and interviews about world-wide efforts to try war criminals, from the International Criminal Court to domestic courts." Successor to Diplomatie Judiciaire, which documented trials before the international criminal tribunals for Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia. See IJT's Archives.