Trade Regulation
HeinOnline: U.S. International Trade Library

Subjects: International Trade, Interational Trade, Trade Regulation

HeinOnline’s U.S. International Trade Library: A Current and Historical Archive is a collection that will bring together more than one million pages’ worth of content, including USITC Publications Archive, Legislative Histories, CFR & U.S. Code Title 15: Commerce and Foreign Trade, Notable Publications, Scholarly Articles, and much more. Plus a complete history of Section 337 Investigations will be added, which will be available exclusively in HeinOnline. For all HeinOnline modules, see main record for HeinOnline.


Subjects: Trade Regulation, International Trade

TradeLawGuide is a search engine that searches across PDF files of official awards, decisions, and other WTO documents and “notes up” (“shepardizes” ) by tracking how subsequent WTO reports, awards and decisions have considered specific passages in WTO jurisprudence. This international trade regulation database features a citator that collects all jurisprudence under a treaty provision for the WTO system.

World Trade Online

Subjects: Trade Regulation, International Trade

World Trade Online provides immediate access to the latest in trade news. It includes each day's complete issue of Inside U.S. Trade, plus retrospective coverage going back to 1993. Also available: News from Around the World and exclusive special reports.