What a donation to the Friends of the Library does:

$30 enables the Library to process a new book
$50 pays for the digitization of 4 photographs for the Law Center Archives
$50 pays for stress relief activities for students during the exam period
$150 is the average cost of a new book
$500-5,000 is the average price range of a rare book
$700 buys a new chair in the library
$2,500 buys chargers and other “Cool Stuff” to circulate
$2,500 buys coffee for students during the exam period
$4,000 employs a student assistant for the academic year (10 hours a week)
$10,000 buys a water hydration station

Members may use many of the databases available through the Law Library’s on-site public computers. However the Law Library does not provide Friends with Lexis, Westlaw, or Bloomberg Law passwords. Friends are not eligible for library borrowing privileges.