Consult our Call Numbers & Book Locations.

  • American, International, and Foreign (non-US) legal materials and related topics are located throughout the Law Library. Bound journals and microformats are on the first floor.
  • Most call numbers on our library materials appear like this:
Reference notation to locate an item in the library
KF245 Look for shelves with KF, then look for 245.
.U5 Within KF245, look for U5.
2000 The last line is usually, but not always, the publication year.

“In Process” Items

If you find an item in the catalog that is “in process,” go to the reference desk and request that the item be rush processed.  The item can usually be made available within 24 hours.

Missing Item Searches

Can’t find the book on the shelf?  Go into the online catalog, search for the book title and confirm the location, call number and status. If the book is listed as “Williams Stacks” or “INTL” with a status of “available” and you can’t locate the item in the stacks submit a missing book search request. You may  complete Missing Book Search Request Form. The Library staff will search for the item over the next few weeks and will let you know via email if we find it. In the meantime, you should request the title from Interlibrary Loan. Please contact the circulation desk for items that have a status of “recently returned” or if you have any questions about the location of an item.