Reference librarians are available to give lectures & presentations to classes and clinics at the Law Center on a variety of specialized research techniques. The library has a wealth of materials to support the research needs of faculty and students, much of which is beyond the scope of the material covered in the first-year legal research and writing program.

Each semester, reference librarians design and give lectures based on the specific needs of individual classes and clinics. Especially popular are the lectures on researching subject-specific areas, such as tax law, securities law, health law, environmental law, and music law. In addition, reference librarians present on specialized legal research instruction (such as in the areas of legislative history or administrative law research), tips and tools for using electronic research databases, research in non-legal sources, and other advanced research techniques.

In terms of scheduling, a reference librarian can visit during your regular class time or an additional session can be scheduled.

Faculty members interested in having a reference librarian visit their class should contact or 202-662-9140 for U.S. law or non-legal topics and or 202-662-4195 for international and foreign law topics.