The Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law and Policy started work on Volume 29, Issue I in-person, but finalized its production in a virtual format. As the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor, we are inspired by the efforts of the authors and editors who worked on this Issue. The continuing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has left many of us feeling frustrated and longing for a return to “normalcy.” While we search for hope through the fog that these last two years has been, we recognize that the “normalcy” we miss is also a reality much darker for many who are confronted with poverty on a daily basis. As we continue production of Volume 29 of the Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law and Policy, we hope to continue to be a voice committed to shining a light on the vast inequality plaguing our nation.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disproportionately impact those living in poverty, we recognize that an intersectional approach to anti-poverty measures in this global pandemic is necessary. This year, we have reconstituted our Board of Advisors with an emphasis on incorporating unique and interdisciplinary scholars to aid the Journal in its mission. Offers were extended to scholars across the country whose diverse approaches to poverty law and policy will assist GJPLP with not only advancing scholarship but also engaging with the community we hope to aid and represent. We would also like to thank the former members of the Board of Advisors for their years of service to the Journal.

Additionally, we recognize the importance of publishing the work of diverse voices in the poverty law community. Issue I features pieces from a wide range of authors, including scholars, practitioners, and students, each providing insight into the implications of systemic discrimination on poverty law and policy related issues. Each piece in Volume 29, Issue I not only analyzes policies, laws and societal practices that perpetuate poverty, but also proposes solutions to reduce conditions of poverty. Looking forward, we are excited to continue production on two additional Issues. It is our hope that Volume 29 serves as a platform for diverse voices whose varied approaches to poverty law and policy promote our mission to fight for economic justice for all.


Zachary W. Krause, Editor-in-Chief, Vol. 29

Rose A. Hayden, Managing Editor, Vol. 29