Students who have experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking or any form of relationship violence are encouraged to seek assistance on campus through the Sexual Assault, Relationship Violence & Stalking Services (SARP). The SARP Team coordinates free and confidential sexual assault and relationship violence services for Georgetown Law students.

SARP Clinicians can provide:

  • A safe place to find support and discuss options.
  • Assistance in accessing or making the decision to access medical care
  • Assistance with student and/or criminal judicial systems
  • Personal safety planning
  • Academic assistance
  • Organization of/referral to support groups
  • Housing relocation

The SARP Team is available to talk confidentially with students who have experienced sexual assault recently or before coming to law school. It’s never too late to seek assistance. Many survivors find it helpful to speak with a professional and/or join a support group with other survivors. There are opportunities for individual and group counseling available through Georgetown and in the community.