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ABBOTT (Charles [Baron Tenterden]). A treatise of the law relative to merchant ships and seamen. 8vo. London, 1802.

_____. Fourth edition. 8vo. London, 1812.

ADAM (William). A practical treatise and observations on trial by jury in civil causes, as now incorporated with the jurisdiction of the Court of Session. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1836.

[ADAMS (Alexander Maxwell).] The Crawfurd Peerage: with other original genealogical, historical, and biographical particulars relating to the illustrious houses of Crawfurd and Kilbirnie; including also, a succinct account of the persecutions and abuses to which John Lindsay Crawfurd ... has been subjected. 4to. Edinburgh, 1829.

[ADAMS (Daniel) and Hardy (Thomas).] [Examination by the Council at the Council Chamber, Whitehall, the 12th May to 8th July, 1794, of Daniel Adams and Thomas Hardy, and others, for treasonable practice.]. Folio MS.

ADMIRALTY. A collection of the statutes relating to the Admiralty, navy, ships of war, and incidental matters; to the eighth year of King George the Third. 4to. London, 1768.

AGNEW (John Vans). Proceedings of the Court of Session in suspending execution of certain judgments pronounced by the House of Lords during the session 1822 in causes in which John Vans Agnew, Esquire, was appellant. Folio. MS.

ANGLESEY (Arthur, Earl of). See Annesley (Arthur, Earl of Anglesey).

ANNESLEY (Arthur, Earl of Anglesey). The privileges of the House of Lords and Commons argued and stated, in two conferences between both Houses, April 19 and 22, 1671. 8vo. London, 1702.

ANSTEY (J.). The pleader's guide, a didactic poem, in two parts: containing Mr. Surrebutter's poetical lectures on the conduct of a suit at law, including the arguments of counsellor Bother'um and counsellor Bore'um, in an action for assault and battery, betwixt John-a-gull and John-a-gudgeon. Sixth edition. 8vo. London, 1810.

ARCHBOLD (John Frederick). A summary of the law relative to pleading and evidence in criminal cases. Second edition. 8vo. London, 1825.

_____. A collection of the forms and entries. which occur in practice in the courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas. 8vo. London, 1825.

ATCHESON (Nathaniel). Report of a case [Havelock v. Rockwood] recently argued and determined in His Majesty's Court of King's Bench, on the validity of a sentence of condemnation by an enemy's consul in a neutral port. 8vo. London, 1800.

ATTORNEY'S PRACTICE EPITOMIZED: or. The method, times and expences of proceedings in the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas. New edition. 8vo. London. 1778.

[BARNES (Henry).] Notes of cases in points of practice: taken in the Court of Common Pleas at Westminster; from Michaelmas term ...1732 ... to Hilary term 1754, inclusive. With Supplement to Hilary term, 1756.2 vols. 8vo. London, 1741-56.

BEAWES (Wyndham). Lex mercatoria rediviva: or, the merchant's directory. Being a complete guide to all men in business ... containing an account of our mercantile companies; of our Colonies and factories abroad; of our commercial treaties with foreign powers; of the duty of consuls, and of the laws concerning aliens, naturalization, and denization. Fourth edition ... by Thomas Mortimer. Folio. London, 1783.

[BECCARIA BONESANA (Cesare).] An essay on crimes and punishments, translated from the Italian; with a commentary attributed to Mons. De Voltaire, translated from the French. 8vo. London, 1775.

BELL (George Joseph). Commentaries on the laws of Scotland, and on the principles of mercantile jurisprudence, considered in relation to bankruptcy; competitions of creditors; and imprisonment for debt. Second edition. 4to. Edinburgh, 1810.

BELL (Robert). Lectures on the solemnities used in Scotland in the testing of deeds. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1795.

_____. A treatise on the election laws, as they relate to the representation of Scotland, in the parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. 4to. Edinburgh, 1812.

BERENGER (Baron de). Reflections and appeals which have been presented to the official departments on the game laws, etc.; the regulations for granting patents for inventions; and the means of securing large supplies of pure and wholesome water, being subjects of great national importance. 8vo. London, 1828.

BILLINGHURST (George). The judges resolutions upon the several statutes concerning bankrupts, with the like resolutions on the statutes of 13 Eliz. and 27 Eliz. Touching fraudulent conveyances. 8vo. London, 1676.

BLACKSTONE (Sir William). Law tracts. i. An essay on collateral consanguinity, ii. Considerations on copyholders, iii. The law of descents. The Great Charter, etc., with the historical introduction. 2 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1762.

BLIGH (Richard). [Extract from the unpublished volume of Bligh's] Reports of Cases heard in the House of Lords upon appeals and writs of error, 1822. 8vo. [London, 1822].

BOHUN (William). Cursus cancellariae; or, the course of proceedings in the High Court of Chancery. Second edition. 8vo. London, 1723.

BOOTH (George). The law of real actions: in which is set forth, at large, the nature of such actions, and the practice therein; containing the writs, counts, pleadings, judgments. And all process both original and judicial. Folio. London, 1704.

BRACTON (Henricus de). De legibus et consuetudinibus Angliae, libri quinque: in varios tractatus distincti, ad diversorum et vetustissimorum codicum collationem ingenti cura denuo typis vulgati. Quorum quid cuique insit, proxima pagina demonstrabit. 4to. Londini, 1640.

[BRAMWELL (George).] Proceedings of the House of Commons on passing bills. 8vo. London, 1809.

_____. The manner of proceeding on bills in the House of Commons. 4to. London, 1823.

BRITTON. Second edition, faithfully corrected according to divers ancient manuscripts of the same booke, by Edm. Wingate. 8vo. London, 1640.

BROOKE (Sir Robert). The reading ... upon the Statute of Limitations, 32 H. 8. Cap. 2. 8vo. London, 1647.

BULLER (Francis). An introduction to the law relative to trials at nisi prius. Sixth edition. 8vo. London, 1793.

BURN (Richard). A new law dictionary. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1792.

BUTLER (Charles). Horae juridicae subsecivae: A connected series of notes, respecting the geography, chronology, and literary history, of the principal codes, and original documents of the Grecian, Roman, feudal, and canon law. 8vo. London, 1804.

CALDWELL (James Stamford). A treatise of the law of arbitration. 8vo. London, 1817

CAMPBELL v. MACNEIL. [The printed papers for both parties given into the Court of Session, 1783-1786.] 4to. n.p., 1783-1786.

CAMPBELL (John). The Stafford Peerage: wherein the right of Richard Stafford Cooke, Esq., of Wisbeach … to the ancient Barony of Stafford, is contrasted with the claim made to that peerage by his kinsman, Sir George Jerningham, Bart., of Cossey-Hall. 4to. London, 1818.

CARDIGAN (James Thomas, Earl of). The trial of James Thomas, Earl of Cardigan, before ... the House of Peers, in full Parliament, for felony on Tuesday the 16th day of February, 1841. 8vo. London, 1841.

CARTER (Samuel). Lex vadiorum. The law of mortgages. Second edition. 8vo. London, 1728.

CARY (Sir George). Reports or causes in Chancery, collected ... out of the labours of Master William Lambert. Whereunto is annexed, the King's order and decree in Chancery, for a rule to be observed by the Chancellor in that Court exemplified and enrolled for a perpetuall record there. Anno 1616. [2 copies.] 8vo. London, 1650.

_____. [Copy 2 is bound with: The transactions of the High Court of Chancery both by practice and president with the fees thereunto belonging ... collected by William Tothill, Esq. Pp. 1-192.; and, with: The proceedings of the High Court of Chancerie.... pp. 2-61. 8vo. London, 1649.]

CHAMBERS (Sir Robert). A treatise on estates and tenures. Edited by Sir Charles Harcourt Chambers. 8vo. London, 1824.

CHETWYND (Sir George). An epitome of the game laws. From the twenty-fourth edition of Dr. Burn's Justice of the Peace. 8vo. London, 1824.

CHRISTIAN (Edward). A treatise on the game laws. 8vo. London, 1817.

_____. A vindication of the right of the Universities of the United Kingdom to a copy of every new publication. Third edition. 8vo. Cambridge, 1818.

[CLEIRAC (Etienne).] Les us, et coutumes de la mer, devisees en trois parties. i. De la navigation. ii. Du commerce naval, et contrats maritimes. iii. De la jurisdiction de la marine. 4to. Rouen, 1671.

CLERKE (Francis). Praxis curiae Admiralitatis Angliae. l2mo. Londini1679.

COKE (Sir Edward). An abridgment of the first part of my Ld. Coke's Institutes. By William Hawkins. Fourth edition. 8vo. London, 1725.

_____. The first part of the institutes of the laws of England; or, a commentary upon Littleton. Fifteenth edition; revised and corrected by Francis Hargrave and Charles Butler. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1794.

COMMONS. The law of commons and commoners; or a treatise shewing the original and nature of common. Second edition. [2 copies] 8vo. London, 1720

CONNELL (John). A treatise on the law of Scotland, respecting the erection, union, and disjunction of parishes; the manses and glebes of the parochial clergy and the patronage of churches.8vo. Edinburgh, 1818.

C[ONSET] (H.). The practice of the spiritual or ecclesiastical courts. To which is added a brief discourse of the structure and manner of forming the libel or declaration. Third edition. 8vo. London, 1708.

COOKE (William). A compendious system of the bankrupt laws. 8vo. London, 1785.

_____. Eighth edition, by George Roots. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1823.

CORVINUS (Arnoldus). Jus feudale. l2mo. Lugduni Batavorum, 1655.

COSTS IN THE COURT OF CHANCERY; with practical directions and remarks for the guidance of the solicitor in the conducting of a cause. 4to. London, 1791.

COVENTRY (Thomas). A treatise on the law of common recoveries. 8vo. London, 1820.

CROMPTON (George). Practice common-placed: or, the rules and cases of practice in the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, methodically arranged. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1780.

CRUISE (William). An essay on the law of dignities or titles of honour. 8vo. London, 1804.

_____. A treatise on the origin arid nature of dignities, or titles of honour; containing all the cases of peerage, together with the mode of proceeding in claims of this kind. 8vo, London, 1810.

CUNINGHAM (T.). A new treatise on the laws concerning tithes: containing all the statutes, adjudged cases, resolutions and judgments relative thereto. Third edition. 8vo. London, 174[*6]8. [*Handwritten note: This must be a misprint on the Title-page of the book, for 1768, as the work contains a reference to a case decided in 31 Geo. 2. Further, the second edition of the book, which is in the M.T. Library, is dated 1766. H.A.C.S.]

_____. The law of simony: containing all the statutes, cases at large, arguments, resolutions, and judgments concerning it. 8vo. London, 1784.

CURSON (H.). The law concerning estates taile, and remainders and reversions expectant thereupon. 8vo. London, 1703.

DALRYMPLE ( James, Viscount Stair). The institutions of the law of Scotland. Third edition. Folio. Edinburgh, 1759.

DALRYMPLE (John). An essay towards a general history of feudal property in Great Britain. Fourth edition. [2 copies] 12mo.London, 1759.

DALTON (Michael). The country justice: containing the practice, duty, and power of the Justices of the Peace, as well in as out of their sessions. Folio. London, 1727.

DEACON (Edward E.). The law and practice of bankruptcy. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1827.

DECIUS (Philippus). In tit. ff. de regulis juris. 8vo. Coloniae Agrippinae, 1598.

DICKINS ( John ). An extract taken from the originall standing orders, whether printed or written, which any way relate to the practice of the Court of Chancery. Digested alphabetically. Folio MS.

DIXON (Robert). A practical treatise on the law relative to title-deeds and other documents.

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1826.

DODSON (John). Reports of cases argued and determined in the High Court of Admiralty, 1811-1822. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1815-28.

DUCK (Arthur). De usu et authoritate juris civilis Romanorum, in dominiis principum Christianorum. l2mo. Lugduni Batavorum, 1654.

DURHAM. Abstract of several grants and confirmations from the Crown and other evidences to shew that the Bishops of Durham have from ancient time had and enjoyed omnia tura regalia within the County Palatine of Durham and Sadberge. 1 vol. 4to. MS.

EARNSHAW (James). An abstract of various penal and other statutes relating to the revenue of customs, from 28 Edw. III. to 32 Geo. III. inclusive, ... with notes and observations. *Vol 1. [*Note: No other volume published.] 8vo. London, 1793.

EDWARDS (Thomas). Reports of cases argued and determined in the High Court of Admiralty, 1808-1812. 8vo. London, 1812.

EGERTON (Thomas, Baron Ellesmere). Certaine observations concerning the office of the Lord Chancellor. 8vo. London, 1651.

ELDON TESTIMONIAL. The Eldon Law Scholarship foundedat Oxford, and list of subscribers. [*Eldon Pamphlets] 4to. [London] 1830. [*Handwritten note: Eldon Pamphlets: 1 volume, 4to. Containing 6 pamphlets]

ELLESMERE (Thomas, Baron). See Egerton (Thomas, Baron Ellesmere).

ENGLISH STATUTES. Magna charta, cum statutis quae antiqua vocantur, jam recens excusa, et summa Me emendata, justa vetusta exemplaria ad parliamenti rotulos examinata. 2 vols. in 1. 8vo. London, 1556.

EQUITY PLEADING AND PROCEDURE. An order of the High Court of Chancery ... relating to fees of the officers, clerks and ministers of the said court ... to which are added three other general orders of the said Court. 8vo. London, 1744.

ERSKINE (John). An institute of the law of Scotland. Fourth edition [by J. Gillon]. Folio. Edinburgh, 1805.

EVANS ([Sir] William David). The statutes relating to bankrupts with notes; and a letter to Sir Samuel Romilly on the revision of the bankrupt law. 8vo. London, 1820.

EYRE (Sir James). The charge delivered by the Right Honourable Sir James Eyre ... one of the Commissioners named in a special commission of oyer and terminer ... to enquire of certain high reasons and misprisions of treason, within the county of Middlesex. to the grand jury, at the Session House on Clerkenwell Green. on Thursday the 2nd day of October, 1794.

[Eldon Pamphlets] 4to. n.p., 1794.

FARREN (George). A treatise on life assurance ... with an appendix of cases. 8vo. London, 1823.

FEARNE (Charles). The posthumous works ... consisting of a reading on the statute of inrolments, arguments in the singular case of General Stanwix, and a collection of cases and opinions. By Thomas Mitchell Shadwell. 8vo. London, 1797.

FINCH (Heneage, Earl of Nottingham). A treatise on the King's power of granting pardons in cases of impeachment. [Eldon pamphlets.] 4to. London, 1791.

FINCH (Sir Henry). Law, or, a discourse thereof; in four books ... to which are now added, notes arid references ... by Danby Pickering. 8vo. London, 1759

FISHER v. WARD. Report of the proceedings of the first and second trials of the cause of Fisher against Ward, master of the ship Fishburn, which was detained in Russia during the late embargo on British ships. 8vo. London, 1803.

FITZHERBERT (Anthony). La graunde abridgement. 2 vols. in 1. 8vo. London, 1577.

FONBLANQUE (John). A treatise of equity. Vol. 2. 8vo. London, 1794.

FONBLANQUE (J. S. M.) with PARIS (J. A.). Medical Jurisprudence. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1823.

FORTESCUE (Sir John). A learned commendation of the politique lawes of England ... newly translated into English by Robert Mulcaster. 8vo. London, 1567.

FRANCIS (Richard). Maxims of equity, collected from, and proved by cases, out of the books of the best authority, in the High Court of Chancery. To which is added the case of the Earl of Coventry, concerning the defective execution of powers. Folio. London, 1728.

[FRY (John).] The case of marriages between near kindred particularly considered: with respect to the doctrine of scripture, the law of nature, and the laws of England. Second edition. 8vo. London, 1773.

GEORGE III. Letters ... to the late Lord Kenyon, on the Coronation Oath, with his Lordship's answers: and letters of the Rt. Hon. William Pitt to His late Majesty, with His Majesty's answers, previous to the dissolution of the Ministry in 1801. 4to. London, 1827.

GILBERT (Sir Geoffrey).] An historical view of the Court of Exchequer, and of the King's revenues, there answered. 8vo. London, 1738.

_____. The law of distresses and replevins, delineated.8vo. London, 1757.

_____. The law of devises, last wills, and revocations. Third edition. 8vo.London, 1773.

_____. The law of evidence. Considerably enlarged by Capel Lofft. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1791.

_____. The law of uses and trusts. Third edition ... by Edward Burtenshaw Sugden. 8vo. London, 1811.

GLANVILLA (Ranulphus de). Tractatus de legibus et consuetudiniblls regni Angliae. 8vo. [London], 1604*. [*Handwritten note: Bound with this is 'Dialogus de fumiamentis legum Agnliae' per Christophilum de Sancto Germanio communiter. Seyngerman contectus. [London] 1604.]

_____. Another edition. 8vo. London, 1673.

GLANVILLE (John). Reports of certain cases determined and adjudges by the Commons in Parliament, in the twenty-first and twenty-second years of the reign of King James the First ... to which is prefixed an historical account of the ancient right of determining cases upon controverted elections. 8vo. London, 1775.

GOODINGE (Thomas). The law against bankrupts: or, a treatise wherein the statutes against bankrupts are explain'd by several cases, resolutions, judgments, and decrees, both at common law and in chancery. Fourth edition. 8vo. London, 1726.

GOULD (Sir Henry). Rules and orders made by the Barons of the Court or regulating the practice in the Office of Pleas. Collected and written by Mr. Justice Gould. [Copy.] 4to. MS.

GOW (Niel). A practical treatise on the law of partnership. Second Edition. 8vo. London, 1825.

GRANGEIR (Joseph). General view of the agriculture of the county of Durham ... with observations on the means of its improvement. [Eldon pamphlets.] 4to. London. 1794.

GROTIUS (Hugo). Institutiones juiis naturalis et gentium, ex Hugonis Grotii De Jure Belli ac Pacis libris excerptae. Editio secunda. 8vo. Cantabrigiae, 1703.

_____. De Jure Belli ac pacis libris tres ... ex altera recensione Joannis Barbeyracii. 2 vols. 8vo. Amstelaedami, 1735.

HAGGARD (John). Reports of cases argued and determined in the Consistory Court of London. 1789-1821. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1822.

_____. Reports of cases argued and determined in the High Court of Admiralty l822-l832. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1825-1833.

HALE (Sir Matthew). Historia placitorum coronae. The history of the pleas of the crown. New edition ... by George Wilson. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1778.

HANDS. (W.). The modern practice of levying fines and suffering recoveries. in the Court of Common Pleas at Westminster, with an appendix of select precedents. 8vo. London, 1800.

HARDWICKE. Earl of. See Yorke (Philip, Earl of Hardwicke).

HARGRAVE (Francis). Juridical arguments and collections. Vol. 2. 4to. London, 1799.

HARRISON (Joseph). The practice of the High Court of Chancery. Newly arranged by John Newland. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1808.

HAWKINS (William). A treatise of the pleas of the crown. Seventh edition by Thomas Leach. 4vols. 8vo. London, 1795.

HENRY (J[abez]). The judgment of the court of Demerara, in the case of Odwin v. Forbes, on the plea of the English certificate of bankruptcy in bar, in a foreign jurisdiction, to the suit of a foreign creditor, as confirmed in appeal, with the authorities, and foreign and English cases. To which is prefixed a treatise on the difference between personal and real statutes, and itseffect on foreign judgments and contracts, marriages and wills. With an appendix on the present law of France respecting foreigners. 8vo. London, 1823.

HERBERT (W.). Antiquities of the Inns of Court and Chancery: containing historical and descriptive sketches relative to their original foundation, customs, ceremonies, buildings, government, etc.; with a concise history of the English law.4to. London, 1804.

HIGHMORE (A.). A succinct view of the history of mortmain; the statutes relative to charitable uses; and a full exposition of the last mortmain act (9 Geo. II. c. 36). [With] addenda ... comprising the cases; reported an adjudged ... until Hilary term, 1793. 2 vols. in 1. 8vo. London, 1787-93.

_____. A treatise on the law of idiocy and lunacy; to which is subjoined an appendix, containing the practice of the Court of Chancery on this subject. 8vo. London, 1807.

HINDE (Robert). The modern practice of the High Court of Chancery, methodized and digested in a manner wholly new. 4to. London, 1785.

HOME (Henry, Lord Kames).] Elucidations respecting the common and statute law of Scotland. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1777.

HOVENDEN (John Eykyn). A general treatise on the principles and practice by which courts of equity are guided as to the prevention or remedial correction of fraud. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1825.

HUME (David). Commentaries on the law of Scotland, respecting the description and punishment of crimes. 2 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1797.

ILLINGWORTH (William). An inquiry into the laws, ancient and modern, respecting forestalling, regrating and ingrossing. 8vo. London, 1800.

IMPEY (John). Office of sheriff, shewing its history and antiquity. 8vo. London, 1786.

Second edition, to which is added the office and duty of coroner. 2 vols. in 1. 8vo. London, 1800.

IMPEY (Walter J.). The general Stamp Act, 55 Geo. III. cap. 184, including the Statute 3 Geo. IV. cap. 117, reducing the stamp duties on re-conveyances of mortgages, etc., to which are added notes of cases decided on the stamp laws in general. 8vo. London, 1823.

INFANTS LAWYER (The): or, the law (ancient and modern) relating to infants. Second edition. 8vo. London, 1712.

JACOB (Giles). The student's companion: or, the reason of the laws of England. 8vo. London, 1725.

_____. The complete court-keeper or, land-steward's assistant. Sixth edition. 8vo. London, 1764.

[JAMIESON (William).] Letter to the Right Honourable Lord Viscount Melville ... by a member of the Honourable Society of Writers to the Signet. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1814.

JEAKE (Samuel). Charters of the Cinque Ports, two ancient towns, and their members. Translated into English, with annotations historical and critical thereupon. Folio. London, 1728.

JENKINS (David). The works. l2mo., n.t.p. [London, 1648].

_____. Rerum judicatarunu centuriae octo. Folio. London, 1661.

JONES (Sir William). An essay on the law of bailments. Second edition by John Balmanno. 8vo. London, 1798.

[JUSTICE (Alexander).] A general treatise of the dominion of the sea and a. compleat body of the sea-laws. Second edition. 4to. London, n.d.

KAMES, Lord. See Home (Henry , Lord Kames).

KEBLE (Joseph). An assistance to justices of the peace, for an easier performance of their duty. [n.t.p.] Folio. London, 1683.

KEILWEY (Robert). Relationes quorundam casuum selectorum ... qui temporibus ... Regis Henrici Septimi, & ... Regis Henrici Octavi, emerserunt, & in prioribus impressionibus relationum de terminis illorum Regum, non exprimuntur. Folio. Londini, 1602.

KENYON (Lloyd, Baron). Letters from His late Majesty [King George III.] to the Lord Kenyon, on the Coronation Oath, with His Lordship's answers; and letters from the Rt. Hon. William Pitt to His late Majesty, with His Majesty's answers, previous to the dissolution of the Ministry in 1801. 4to. London, 1827.

KITCHIN (John). Le Court Leete et Court Baron ... Ore novelment imprimee, et per le Author mesme corrigee, ouesque divers novel additions, come Court de Marshalsey, auncient demesne, Court de Pipowders, essoines, imparlance, view, actions, contracts, pleadings, maintenance et divers auter matters. 8vo. London, 1607.

LAMBARD (William). Eirenarcha: or of the office of the justices of peace, in two bookes: gathered, 1579, and now first revised, and first published. 8vo. London, 1581.

LAW LIST. Clarke's new law list. 8vo. London, 1820.

LEACH (Thomas). Cases in crown law, determined by the twelve judges; by the Court of King's Bench; and by commissioners of Oyer and Terminer, and General Gaol Delivery; from the fourth year of George the Second to the thirty-second year of George the Third. Second edition. 8vo. London, 1792.

LEGAL OPINIONS. A collection of opinions of counsel in various cases, covering the period, 1671-1764. 1 vol. Folio. MS.

LONDON, LAW RELATING TO. The laws and customs, rights, liberties, and privileges of the City of London. l2mo. London, 1765.

LOVELASS (Peter). The law's disposal of a person's estate who dies without will or testament ... to which is added the disposal of a person's estate by will and testament. Fifth edition. 8vo. London, 1788.

LUDERS (Alexander). A treatise on the constitution of Parliament in the reign of Edward the First.8vo. Bath, 1818.

MABLY [Gabriel Bonnot de]. Le droit public de l'Europe. Nouvelle edition. 2 vols. in 1. 8vo. Genève, 1748.

MCARTHUR (John). A treatise of the principles and practice of naval courts-martial, with an appendix, containing original papers and documents illustrative of the text. 8vo. London, 1792.

MACDONALD (Thomas). A treatise on civil imprisonment in England; with the history of its progress, and objections to its policy. 8vo. London, 1791.

MANNING (James). A digested index to the nisi prius reports, with notes and references. 8vo. London, 1813.

MANWOOD (John). Treatise of the forest laws. Fourth edition by William Nelson. 8vo. London, 1717.

MARTENS (G. F. von). A compendium of the law of nations. Translated by William Cobbett. 8vo. London, 1802.

MASCALL (Francis). A digest of the law of the distribution of the personal estates of intestates. 8vo. London, 1818.

MEERMAN (Gerardus). Novus thesaurus juris civilis et canonici. 7 vols. Folio. Hagae-Comitum, 1751-1753.

MELVILLE (Henry, Viscount). The trial of Henry Lord Viscount Melville, before the Right Honourable the House of Peers, in Westminster Hall in full parliament, for high crimes and misdemeanors. Folio. London, 1806.

MILNE (Joshua). A treatise on the valuation of annuities and assurances on lives and survivorships; on the construction of tables of mortality; and on the probabilities and expectations of life. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1815.

[MITFORD (John, Baron Redesdale).] A treatise on the pleadings in suits in the Court of Chancery by English bill. 8vo. London, 1780.

_____. Second edition. 8vo. London, 1787.

MODERN CONVEYANCER; or, conveyancing improv'd. Being a choice collection of precedents on most occasions, drawn after the manner of conveyancing now in use. Third edition. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1725.

MOLINA (Ludovicus). Morum exemplar seu characteres. [With Duck.] l2mo. Lugduni Batavorum, 1654.

MOLYNEUX (William). The case of Ireland's being bound by Acts of Parliament in England, stated. 8vo. Dublin, 1698.

MONTAGU (Basil). A digest of the law of partnership; with a collection of the cases decided ... upon that subject. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1815.

MONTEFIORE (Joshua). The spirit of the bankrupt laws, or, bankrupt and creditor's assistant, with observations. 8vo. London, 1805.

MONTESQUIEU ([Charles de Secondat] Baron de). The spirit of laws. Written originally in French ... and translated from the edition published at Edinburgh in 1750. 2 vol. 8vo. Aberdeen, 1756.

MOWBRAY (T. J.). Debtor's manual, or, an abridgment of the modern practice of the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, as relating to proceedings against prisoners in the above Courts, and in county gaols. 8vo. London, 1825.

NEALE (Edward Vansittart). The real property acts of 1845 ... with introductory observations and notes. 8vo. London, 1845.

NELSON (William). Lex maneriorum: or, the law and customs of England, relating to manors and lords of manors, their stewards, deputies, tenants, and others. Second edition. 8vo. London, 1733.

NEWLAND (John). The practice of the High Court of Chancery. 8vo. London, 1813.

NOY (William). The compleat lawyer: or, a treatise concerning tenures and estates in lands of inheritance for life, and other hereditaments. and chattels real and personal. 8vo. London, 1670.

O'COIGLY (James). The trial of James O'Coigly, Arthur O'Connor, John Binns, John Allen, and Jeremiah Leary, for high treason. Taken in shorthand by Joseph Gurney. [2 copies.] 8vo. London, 1798.

PALMER (John). The practice in the House of Lords, on appeals, writs of error, and claims of peerage, with a compendious account of dignities; to which is prefixed an introductory historical essay on the appellate jurisdiction. 8vo. London, 1830.

PARIS (J. A.) and FONBLANQUE (J. S. M.). Medical jurisprudence. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1823.

PARK (James Allan). A system of the law of marine insurances; with three chapters on bottomry; on insurances on lives; and on insurances against fire. Fourth edition. 8vo. London, 1800.

PARKER (T. N.). Statement of an account for the tithe of agistment [With the following.] 8vo. Oswestry, 1812.

_____. A statement of the law of tithes. 8vo. London, 1813.

_____. Copy of the terrier of lands, tenements, gardens and tithes, belonging to the vicarage of Oswestry; with remarks. [With the preceding.] 8vo. Oswestry, 1813.

PELTIER (John). The trial ... for a libel against Napoleon Buonaparté ... at the Court of King's Bench, Middlesex, on ... 21st February, 1803. 8vo. London, 1803.

PERKINS (John). A profitable booke ... treating of the lawes of England. 8vo. London, 1642.

_____. Another edition. 8vo. London, 1657.

PETYT (William). The ancient right of the Commons of England asserted; or, a discourse proving by records and the best historians that the Commons of England were ever an essential part of Parliament. 8vo. London, 1680.

PITT (William). Letters from His late Majesty [King George III.] to the Lord Kenyon, on the Coronation Oath, with his Lordship's answers; and letters of the Rt. Hon. William Pitt to His late Majesty, with His Majesty's answers, previous to the dissolution of the Ministry in 1801. 4to. London, 1827.

PLOWDEN (Edmund). Quaeries: or, a moot-book of choice cases, useful for young students of the common law: Englished. methodized, and enlarged, by H. B. 8vo. London, 1662.

_____. An exact abridgment in English, of the commentaries or reports by F[abian] H[icks]. 8vo. London, 1650.

PLOWDEN (Francis). Impartial thoughts upon the beneficial consequences of inrolling all deeds, wills, and codicils affecting lands, throughout England and Wales. 8vo. London, 1789.

_____. The constitution of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, civil and ecclesiastical. 8vo. London, 1802.

POCKET CONVEYANCER: or attorney's useful companion: containing variety of the most approved precedents, both special and common: particularly calculated for the use of attornies and their clerks, and all gentlemen of the law. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1773.

POWELL (John Joseph). An essay on the learning respecting the creation and execution of powers. 8vo. London. 1787.

_____. A treatise on the law of mortgages. Fifth edition, by Thomas Coventry. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1822.

_____. An essay on devises. Third edition ... by Thomas Jarman. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1827.

PRESTON (Richard). Atreatise on conveyancing. Second edition. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1813-1815.

PULTON (Fardinando). An abstract of all the penall statutes which be in general, in force and use, wherein is contayned the effect of all those statutes which doe threaten to the offendours therof the losse of life, member, lands, goods, or other punishment or forfaiture whatsoever. 8vo. London, 1577.

PUFFENPORF (Samuel). De jure naturae et gentium. 4to. Amstelaedami, 1698.

QUEENSBURY CASES. In the House of Lords, Saturday, 10th July 1819. Lord Chancellor Eldon's judgment. 1 vol. Folio MS.

RAITHBY (John). The study and practice of the law considered, in their various relations to society. Second edition. 8vo. London.

_____. The statutes relating to the admiralty, navy, shipping, and navigation of the United Kingdom, from 9 Hen. iii. to 3 Geo. iv. inclusive, with notes. 4to. London, 1823.

READ (John). Proceedings in the High Court of Chancery ... in the case of Peter Sowerby, a bankrupt. 8vo. Liverpool, 1821.

REDESDALE, Baron. See Mitford (John, Baron Redesdale).

RICHARDSON (Robert). The attorney's practice in the Court of King's Bench: or an introduction to the knowledge of the practice of that Court. Sixth edition. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1776.

RIDLEY (Sir Thomas). A view of the civile and ecclesiasticall law: and wherein the practice of them is streitned and may be relieved within this land. Third edition. 8vo. Oxford, 1662.

ROBERTS (William). A treatise on the Statute of Frauds, as it regards declarations in trust, contracts, surrenders, conveyances, and the execution and proof of wills and codicils: to which is prefixed, a systematic dissertation upon the admissibility of parol and extrinsic evidence, to explain and controul written instruments. 8vo. London, 1805.

_____. A treatise on the law of wills and codicils. Second edition. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1815.

ROBINSON (Christopher). Reports of cases argued and determined in the High Court of Admiralty, 1798-1808. 6 vols. 8vo. London, 1799-1808.

ROBINSON (Thomas). The common law of Kent: or, the customs of gavelkind. With an appendix concerning borough-English. 8vo. London, 1741.

ROMAN CATHOLOCS. A letter on Catholic emancipation [unsigned apparently addressed to Lord Chancellor Eldon]. 4to. MS.

_____. [Letters of Lord Stourton, and others, to the Vicars Apostolic, relating to the bill for the relief of English Catholics]. [Eldon pamphlets.] 4to. n.d., n.t.p.

ROXBURGH APPEALS. The Lord Chancellor's speech in the House of Lords, on Thursday 15th June, Friday 16th June, and Monday 19th June, 1809. Folio MS.

ROXBURGHE PEERAGE. [Printed papers in connection with the Roxburghe Cause.] 4 vols. 4to. n.p., 1805-1806.

RUNNINGTON (Charles). The history, principles and practice (ancient and modern) of the legal remedy by ejectment; and the resulting action for mesne profits. 8vo. London, 1795.

RUSSELL (John). Form of process before the Jury Court. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1817.

ST. GERMAIN (Christopher). Dialogus de fundamentis legum Angliae et de conscientia. [With Glanvilla.] 8vo. [London], 1604.

_____. Another edition [translated into English]. 8vo. London, 1709.

_____. Another edition. 8vo. London, 1721.

SANDFORD (Erskine Douglas). A treatise on the law of heritable succession in Scotland. 2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1830.

SCOTLAND. Case of the Royal boroughs of Scotland: containing objections to the Bill submitted to the consideration of parliament for altering the constitution of the said boroughs. [Eldon pamphlets.] 4to. n.d., n.t.p.

SCOTT (John, Earl of Eldon). Manuscripts.

_____. A collection of cases and opinions covering the period 1758 to1775; containing forty-seven cases. At the end of volume 1 is a short sketch of the life of Bracton, together with a paraphrased translation of part of Bracton's De Legibus, etc. 2 vols., sm. 4to. MS.

_____. Case of Johnson v. Sutton. Naval Law, etc.1 vol. 8vo. MS.

_____. A dissertation on Justices of the Peace.1 vol. 8vo. MS.

_____ Of Property etc.: contains an abridgment of chapters 1-9 and part of 10, of Blackstone, vol. ii.1 vol. 4to. MS.

_____. A continuation of above, dealing with estates upon condition. 1 vol. 4to. MS.

_____. Vinnius: Commentary on the Digest, lib. 2. tit. 1.1 vol. 8vo. MS.

_____. Courts Martial.1 vol. 8vo. MS.

_____. Honourable acquittals.1 vol. 8vo. MS.

_____. Lords of the Admiralty.1 vol. 8vo. MS.

_____. [John] Locke abridged: Tully, De Officiis.1 vol. sm. 4to. MS.

_____. The form of the proceedings in the House of Lords on the first day of the session. 1 vol. 8vo. MS.

_____. Remembrances for order and decency to be kept in the Upper House of Parliament by the Lords when His Majesty is not there: leaving the solemnity belonging to His Majesty's coming to be marshall'd by those Lords to whom it more properly appertains. 1 vol. 8vo. MS.

_____. Of legacies: Of injuries affecting real property: Of the several species of personal property: Injuries (and their remedies) to personal property: Of judicial equity. 1 vol. 8vo. MS.

_____. Comment upon Littleton's Tenures: Of estates in fee tail: Of mere freeholds: Of chattels real: Of customary estates: Of the conditions annexed to real estates: Of estates upon condition strictly so called: Of the means of acquiring and losing real property: Of alienation by common assurance.1 vol. 8vo. MS.

_____. Of the King, his prerogative of possession or his ancient and established revenue: Of the Royal Family: Of the House of Lords: Of the House of Commons: Of the Privy Council and great officers of state: Of the Courts of Justice: Of inferiour Courts. 1 vol. 8vo. MS.

_____. Of criminal law.1 vol. 8vo. MS.

_____. Law and fact.1 vol. 4to. MS.

_____. Orders in Chancery.1 vol. 4to. MS.

_____. Law in its largest sense: Origin of the laws of England: Of the feudal law and its effects on our constitution and government: Of the Parliament: Present body of English laws: Of earls and barons: Of the House of Commons.1 vol. 8vo. MS.

_____. [Notes of cases in the Courts of Chancery and Exchequer, 1780-1788.]. 1 vol. 4to. MS.

_____. Notes of various cases covering the period, 1758-1789. 12 vols. Oblong 8vo. MS.

_____. Copies of correspondence between the Dean and Canons of Windsor with the Lord Chamberlain's Office, Heralds' College, etc., November 6,1817, to August 31, 1818; with a Copy of a memorial intended to have been submitted to the Lord Chancellor.1 vol. sm. 4to. MS.

_____. Fee Books, 1785 to 1799.9 vols. 4to. and Folio. MS

_____. Judicial Notes, 1801 to 1821.11 vols. oblong 8vo. MS.

SCOTTISH LAW. A bill intituled an Act for the better regulation of the forms of process in the Courts of law in Scotland. 4to. n.p., [1824].

_____. Report and additional report of the Society of Writers to the Signet by a committee appointed to consider the bill ... for the better regulating of the forms of process. [Bound with the preceding title.] 8vo. Edinburgh, 1824.

SCOTTISH STATUTES. The laws and Acts of Parliament made by King James the First and his Royal successors, kings and queens of Scotland. 3 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1682-1731.

SEDGWICK (James). Remarks critical and miscellaneous on the Commentaries of Sir William Blackstone. 4to. London, 1800.

SELDEN (John). The priviledges of the baronage of England, when they sit in Parliament. 8vo. London, 1642.

_____. An historical and political discourse of the laws and government of England, from the first times to the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. With a vindication of the ancient way of parliaments in England ... by Nathaniel Bacon. Folio. London, 1689.

_____. Opera omnia tam edita quam inedita ... collegit ac recensuit ... David Wilkins. 3 vols. in 6. Folio, Londini, 1726.

SHAW (Joseph). Parish law: or, a guide to justices of the peace, ministers, church-wardens, overseers of the poor, constables, surveyors of the highways, vestry-clerks, and all others concerned in parish business. Third edition. 8vo. London, 1736.

SHEPPARD (William). The court-keepers guide: or, a plain and familiar treatise, needfull and usefull for the help of many that are imployed in the keeping of law dayes, or Courts Baron. 8vo. London, 1649.

_____. Of corporations, fraternities, and guilds. Or a discourse, wherein the learning of the law touching bodies-politique is unfolded, shewing the use and necessity of that invention, the antiquity, various kinds, order and government of the same. 8vo. London, 1659.

_____. Actions upon the case for deeds, viz, contracts, assumpsits, deceipts, nusances, trover and conversion, delivery of goods, and for other male-feasance and mis-feasance. Second edition. 8vo. London, 1675.

_____. The touch-stone of common assurances: or, a plain and familiar treatise, opening the learning of the common assurances, or conveyances of the Kingdom. Fourth edition ... by Edward Hilliard. Folio. London, 1780.

SHIP MONEY. All the arguments, with the resolutions of all the wise and learned judges concerninge the ship money. 4to. MS.

[SHOWER (Sir Bartholomew).] The compleat English copyholder: or, a guide to lords of manors, Justices of the peace, [etc.] ... containing the whole practice of the Court-Leet, Court of ancient demesne, Court-Baron, and Musick-Court of the Honour of Tutbury ... and also the tenures, customs, and usages of several manors in England and Wales ... with directions for distraining for rent; by the late Sir Bartholomew Shower. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1735.

SOLICITORS. The solicitor's practice in the High Court of Chancery epitomized, from the commencement of the suit to the decree. Fourth edition. 8vo. London, 1775.

SOMERS (John, Baron). The security of Englishmen's lives, or the trust, power, and duty of the grand jurys of England. 8vo. London, 1681.

SPEARMAN (J.). An enquiry into the ancient and present state of the County Palatine of Durham. [The first part of this book was written by J. Spearman in 1697. Parts II. and III. were added later, possibly by J. Wilkinson. The whole work was printed in 1729.] 1 vol. sm. 4to. MS.

SPELMAN (Sir Henry). [A commentary on the laws of England.]. Folio. MS.

_____. The English works ... published in his lifetime; together with his posthumous works, relating to the laws and antiquities of England; and the life of the author. By Edmund Lord Bishop of London. Second edition. Folio. London, 1727.

STAIR (Viscount). See Dalrymple (James, Viscount Stair).

SPOTTISWOODE (John). An introduction to the knowledge of the stile of writs, simple and compound, made use of in Scotland: containing directions for drawing securities, in cases which most commonly occur, with examples according to the best modern practice. Fourth edition. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1752.

STANFORD (Sir William). An exposition of the Kinges prerogative collected out of the great Abridgement of Justice Fitzherbert and other olde writers of the lawes of England. [With the following.]8vo. London, 1573.

______. Les plees del coron, divisees in plusors titles and common lieux. [With the preceding] 8vo. London, 1574.

STANNARIES. The laws of the Stannaries of Cornwall; with marginal notes and references to authorities. Second edition. 8vo. Truro, 1824.

STAUNDFORDE. See Stanford.

STEPHEN (Henry John). A treatise on the principles of pleading in civil actions; comprising a summary view of the whole proceedings in a suit at law. 8vo. London, 1824.

STEWART (Sir James). The index or abridgement, of the acts of parliament and convention, from the first parliament of King James I. ...1424, to the fourth session of the first parliament of Her Majesty Queen Anne ... 1707. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1707.

STOCKDALE (John). The whole proceedings on the trial ... for a libel on the House of Commons, tried ... on the ninth of December, 1789 ... to which is subjoined an argument in support of the rights of juries. 8vo. London, 1790.

SULLIVAN (Francis Stoughton). Lectures on the constitution and laws of England: with a commentary on Magna Charta, and illustrations of many of the English statutes. Second edition ... by Gilbert Stuart. 4to. London, 1776.

SWINBURNE (Henry). A treatise of testaments and last wills. Seventh edition by John Joseph Powell, prepared for the press by James Wake. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1803.

SYDNEY (William Robert). A treatise on the jurisdiction and modern practice in appeals to the House of Lords, and in proceedings on claims to dormant peerages. 8vo. London, 1824.

SYNTAGMA JURIS CIVILIS. 4 vols. in 1. 4to. MS.

TENTERDEN, Baron. See Abbott (Charles, Baron Tenterden).

THISTLEWOOD (Arthur). The trials of Arthur Thistlewood, James Ings, John Thomas Brunt, Richard Tidd, William Davidson and others for high treason. Taken in shorthand by William Brodie Gurney. Vol. 1. 8vo. London, 1820.

[THOMPSON (T. Perronet).]. An exposition of fallacies on rent, tithes, etc. containing an examination of Mr. Ricardo's Theory of Rent ... being in the form of a review of the third edition of Mr. Mill's Elements of Political Economy. 8vo. London, 1826.

THOUGHTS ON THE CORN LAWS. By a farmer. [Followed by] An essay philoso-political economy of the modern Athens, with its southern ramifications. 4to. n.p., 1825-1827.

TOOKE (John Home). Trial ... for high treason, at the Sessions House in the Old Bailey ... November, 1794. Taken in short-hand by Joseph Gurney. 2 vols. in 1. 8vo. London, 1795.

TOTHILL (William). The transactions of the High Court of Chancery, bothby practice and president. [With Cary.] 8vo. London, 1649.

_____. Another edition, reviewed by Sir R. O. Holborne. 8vo. London, 1671.

TOWNSEND (William Charles). Protest of the Church against the Bill of Relief to Roman Catholics. 1 vol. 4to. MS.

TREASON. A treatise upon the law and proceedings in cases of high treason, etc. 8vo. London, 1793.

TREATIES. Extracts from the several treaties subsisting between Great Britain and other kingdoms and states, of such articles and clauses relate to the duty and conduct of the commanders of His Majesty's ships of war. Third edition. 4to. London, 1758.

TURNER (Orlibar). An abstract of the Stamp Duty Act, 44 Geo. III. and the schedule of duties, alphabetically arranged. 8vo. London [1804].

TWISS (Horace). The Public and Private life of Lord Chancellor Eldon. Second edition. 3 vols. 4to. London 1844.* [*Handwritten addition]

VAN HEYTHUYSEN (F. M). An epitome of the law library; containing a second edition of the rudiments of English Law. 8vo. London, 1826.

VATTEL ([Emmerich] de). The law of nations; or principles of the law of nature: applied to the conduct and affairs of nations and sovereigns. 2 vols. in 1. 4to. London, 1759-60.

WAR OF THE WIGS (The), a poem occasioned by a late event in Westminster Hall. [Eldon pamphlets.] 4to. London, 1785.

[WATSON (James).] New form of process before the Court of Session, and the Commission of Teinds; with a general account of the College of justice. Second edition. [2 copies.] 8vo. Edinburgh, 1799.

WATSON (James). Trial ... for high treason. Taken in shorthand by William Brodie Gurney. Vol. 1. 8vo. London, 1817.

WATSON (William). A treatise of the law of partnership. 8vo. London, 1794

WEINHOLT V. LOGAN. A report of the proceedings ...before the Lord Chancellor at Lincoln's Inn. 3 vols. Folio. 1823-1825. MS.

WENTWORTH (Thomas). The office and duty of executors. Fourth edition. 8vo. London, 1656.

WHITMARSH (Francis). A treatise on the bankrupt laws. Second edition. 8vo. London, 1817.

WILMOT (Sir John Eardley). Notes of opinions and judgments delivered in different Courts. 4to. London, 1802.

WILSON (George). A practical treatise of fines and recoveries. Second edition. 8vo. London, 1773.

WORRALL (John). Bibliotheca legum: or, a catalogue of the common and statute law books of this realm. New edition.8vo. London, 1776.

_____. Another edition. 8vo. London, 1788.

WREK. Cases and opinions of counsel on wreck goods, etc., 1675.1728. Folio. MS.

WRIGHT (Sir Martin). Introduction to the law of tenures. Third edition. 8vo. London, 1768.

WRIGHT (William). Advice on the study and practice of the law: with directions for the choice of books. Addressed to attorneys' clerks. Second edition. [2 copies.] 8vo. London, 1815.

WYNNE (Edward)]. Strictures on the lives and characters of the most eminent lawyers of the present day. [2 copies.] 8vo. London, 1790.

YEAR. BOOKS. Le premier part de les reports del cases en 1ey, que furent argues en le temps de ... Roy Edward le Tierce. Folio. London, 1679.

_____. Le second part de les reports des cases en ley, que furent argues en le temps de ... Roy Edward le Tierce. Folio. London, 1679.

______. Les reports del cases en ley, que furent argues a quadragesimo ad quinquagesimum annum de ... Roy Edward le Tierce. Folio. London, 1679.

_____. Les reports del cases en ley, que furent argues en le temp de ... les Roys Henry le IV. & Henry le V. Folio. London, 1679.

_____. La premiere part des ans du Roy Henry le VI. Folio. London, 1679.

_____. Les reports des cases contenus in les ans vingt premier, & apres en temps du Roy Henry le VI. Communement appelles, the second part of Henry the Sixth. Folio. London, 1679.

_____. Les reports des cases en ley que furent argues en temps du Roy Edward le Quart. Folio. London, 1680.

_____. Les reports des cases en les ans des Roys Edward v. Richard III. Henrie VII. & Henrie VIII. Folio. London, 1679.

YORK BUILDINGS COMPANY v. MACKENZIE. [Cause (in law) of the York Buildings Company against Alexander Mackenzie. Pleadings 1791-1793.] 4to. n.p., 1791-93.

YORKE (Philip, Earl of Hardwicke) and FORTESCUE (William). Cases decided ... 1743-1744.1 vol. 4to. MS.

Zouch (R.). Cases and questions resolved in the civil law. 8vo. Oxford, 1652.

_____. Solutio quaestionis veteris et novae. Sive De Legati delinquentis judice competente dissertatio in qua Hug: Grotii, de ea re sententia explicatur, expenditur, et asseritur. 8vo. Oxoniae, 1657.

_____. The jurisdiction of the Admiralty of England asserted, against Sir Edward Coke's Articuli Adxniralitatis. 8vo. London, 1663.

_____. Quaestionuni juris civilis centuria in decem classes distributa. Editio tertia. 12mo. Londini, 1682.

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