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2015 Law Library Student Survey - Comments

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During Spring 2015, the Law Library conducted our annual survey seeking student comments and suggestions.  387 students responded.  In April, we published summary charts of responses. View past annual surveys here

Following are representative student comments and notes on changes we've made in response to feedback.  Most work was done over the summer.

Library Café

Comments from Students:

  • I really wish there was a more informal café area with food/drink in at least one of the libraries.

Reply by the Library:

We are delighted to note that a self-service café, Legal Eats, opened on the first floor of the Williams Library on October 26, 2015.  Avenue C, the vendor for the café, will conduct a survey of students in the coming months to determine if additional/different items should be stocked.

Standing Desks

Comments from Students:

  • More standing desks please!

Standing DesksReply by the Library:

We have added additional Veridesk adjustable standing desks in the Williams and Wolff Libraries.

Williams Library:

  • One on the second floor in the Loewinger Lounge;
  • Two in the third floor mezzanine;
  • Two in the third floor computer lab;
  • One on the fourth floor next to room 422A, and one next to room 438;
  • And two on the fifth floor next to room 522A.

Wolff Library:

  • One on the third floor near the windows and photocopying area.


Comments from Students:

  • I think bigger signs are needed and signs should be on every entrance of that floor –so you don't need to walk to the middle to figure out which side you need to walk through to find the books.
  • One prominent general directory inside the front door. 
  • Signs indicating where the computers, printers, scanners, etc. are located (they are not always together) and where the bottle refillers are.

Reply by the Library:

A prominent directory has been posted near the elevators on the upper floors of the Williams Library.  The sign contains a map with the specific locations of call number ranges, services, technology stations, and amenities for each floor.  Smaller signs have also been posted on every entrance of that floor that highlight the call number locations of titles on that floor.  There are additional library maps at the circulation desk.  Please also feel free to ask at the circulation desk for directional help.  In addition the catalog has a "map it" function that provides users with a map of the exact range that the title searched can be found.

Library Hours

Comments from Students:

  • I think the library hours should be extended even by an hour or two.  It's frustrating not to have a place to study after midnight.

Reply by the Library:

During the academic year, the Williams Library is open from 7:00 am to 2:00 am every day.
During the reading and exam period, the Williams and Wolff Libraries will remain open 24 hours.
Please also note that McDonough is open 24/7 for most of the year for those seeking study spaces when the library is closed.  For more information on library hours, please consult our full calendar.

Research Classes

Research Classes

Comments from Students:

  • I would love to attend non-credit research tutorials to improve my research skills (e.g. westlaw/lexis or public domain and statutory research).  Perhaps more offerings in the 4:30 - 5:30 window would make attendance more feasible.
  • I know there are classes on research offered for RAs, but I would like to see more general research seminars or classes.
  • Would it be possible to provide some more of the 1L research and reference classes to 2Ls and 3Ls as a refresher?

Reply by the Library:

Sessions on cost effective research and using the Bluebook are will be offered in the fall, and more classes are planned for the spring.  Students can request an individual research refresher by appointment by using the research consultation form.

In addition, Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg Law offer on-site training sessions on using their platforms.  Keep an eye out for their training announcements when you login to their sites.

Research Guides

Comments from Students:

  • The research guides need to be updated with information regarding Westlaw Next and Lexis Advance.  They provide instructions on how to conduct research using the old Lexis and Westlaw.

Reply by the Library:

Our research guides have been completely redesigned to make them more dynamic and useful.  The research platforms (Westlaw, Lexis, Bloomberg Law) are constantly evolving, but we strive to incorporate new information as quickly as possible.  If you see a problem with a research guide, please notify the librarian at either reference desk.

Research GuidesTutorials

Comments from Students:

  • The tutorials have proved to be an effective overview of various topics.
  • I watched the tutorials for my LRW class and it made the material much easier to understand because I was able to create my own pace.
  • It would be helpful if the contents of the tutorial were available in a short document.

Reply by the Library:

Tutorials can be searched by clicking on the Table of Contents button (located to the right of the closed captioning button when you hover over the bottom of the frame).  Newly-created tutorials now have accompanying text transcripts.  Look for a "Text" link to the right of the video link.


Comments from Students:

  • I really wish the 'no-food' policy can be enforced.  It's disturbing and distracting sometimes.

Reply by the Library:

We rely on students to comply with rules regarding food to ensure that the library is a comfortable place for everyone to work and study.  Please report food policy infractions to any service desk. Aromatic, noisy, or greasy foods are not permitted.  Food is not permitted in the Williams Reading Room, Special Collections, computer labs, and media rooms.  Signs are posted in all of these areas as a reminder.  Students are welcome to eat in any other space in the William and Wolff libraries.

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