Georgetown Law’s IIEL Releases “Legal Aspects of Brexit” Online Book and Roadmap

March 28, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. – How will Brexit impact everything from travel and trade to human rights, climate change and the fate of Scotch whisky? Legal Aspects of Brexit, a new book published today by Georgetown Law’s Institute of International Economic Law, offers analysis on a broad array of legal dilemmas and offers a unique roadmap of Brexit legal resources.

The book is the product of Georgetown Law’s groundbreaking legal seminar “Brexit and the Law,” offered this past fall semester and believed to be the first such course offered in the United States. Visiting Professor Jennifer Hillman (a former World Trade Organization and U.S. trade official) and Adjunct Professor Gary Horlick (a leading international trade expert) wrote the book’s introduction and edited and compiled final student papers from that course, as well as the comprehensive roadmap chapter of additional Brexit legal resources.

“Many on both sides of the Atlantic may be hoping that Britain’s decision to leave the European Union is somehow reversible, when in fact that is not the case,” Hillman said. “Brexit is here to stay and now the hard work begins.  We hope this book will help government officials, business people, attorneys, journalists and others identify and cut through a dizzying array of legal dilemmas that need to be untangled after Article 50 is invoked.”

Georgetown Law’s Institute of International Economic Law has published the full book and a standalone version of its roadmap chapter. Hard copies of the book are also available to order via Amazon.

Legal Aspects of Brexit has 21 chapters of legal analysis covering:

• UK trade relationships, including with the EU, the WTO, South Korea, East Africa, and Canada

• Internal UK issues, including UK competition law, state aid regulations, public procurement, human rights, Ireland-UK border issues, the Premier League, Scotland’s legal issues, and the fate of Scotch whiskey

• Crosscutting and EU Issues, including EU residency rights, data privacy, foreign investment, financial services, Euro clearing and the EU’s WTO rights and obligations post-Brexit.

A Roadmap to Legal Aspects of Brexit (available separately or as the last chapter of the full book) offers vetted, annotated and hyperlinked resources on:

• Brexit background and EU law

• The Brexit process

• Internal UK Law (UK court decisions and potential devolution of Scotland and Northern Ireland)

• Trade and the economics of Brexit

• Acquired rights of EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens living in the EU

• Brexit’s impact on human rights law in the UK

• Brexit’s effect on environment, energy and climate change policy in the UK

• Impact on banking and financial services, particularly the right to “passport”

• Impact on businesses – including US businesses

• Other issues including arbitration and litigation; privacy and data protection; universities and students; state aid; Ireland and Gibraltar.

Legal Aspects of Brexit and the standalone roadmap chapter are available here.

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