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Professor Oakley was the Library Director at as well as a professor at Georgetown Law Center. Before joining the Law Center in 1982, he served as Associate Law Librarian at Cornell Law School and Director of the Law Library and associate professor of law at Boston University School of Law.

His writings include articles entitled “Intellectual Property Issues and Information Networks,” “The Deteriorating Historical Record: Implications for Scholars and Libraries,” “Collection Development: The Impact of a National Law Library,” “Education for Law Librarianship: Avoiding the Trade School Mentality,” and “Copyright and Preservation: A Serious Problem in Need of a Thoughtful Solution.”

He focused on representing the interests of the American Association of Law Libraries in matters on Capitol Hill and around Washington and he has served on numerous other professional committees. Professor Oakley served two three- year terms on the Executive Board of the American Association of Law Libraries, and served as its President in 2000-2001.



The Section 108 Study Group Report (The United States Copyright Office and the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program of the Library of Congress 2008) (Bob Oakley, Contributor & Member of the Section 108 Study Group). [BOOK]

Contributions to Law Reviews and Other Scholarly Journals

Robert L. Oakley, Fairness in Electronic Contracting: Minimum Standards For Non-Negotiated Contracts, 42 Hous. L. Rev. 1041-1105 (2005). [HEIN] [W] [L]
Robert L. Oakley, Preserving Legal Information For the Twenty-First Century: Toward a National Agenda Introduction, 96 Law Libr. J. 579-580 (2004).
[HEIN] [W] [L]
Robert L. Oakley, Remembrances of Harry Bitner, 94 Law Libr. J. 202-203 (2002).
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Selected Contributions to Other Publications

Robert L. Oakley, Developments in Copyright 2005: Exploring the Boundaries, 50 Bowker Ann. 251-266 (2006).
Judy Meadows & Robert L. Oakley, Balancing Act: Reconciling Privacy with the Public's Right to Know, AALL Spectrum, July 2004, at 14-15, 35.
Robert L. Oakley, International Public Policy and Libraries, AALL Spectrum, Dec. 2003, at 1-4. [HEIN]
Robert L. Oakley, Copyright 2001: Exploring the Implications of Technology, 47 Bowker Ann. 284-297 (2002).
Robert L. Oakley, Interview, Introducing New AALL Executive Director Susan E. Fox, AALL Spectrum, Dec. 2002, at 4-9. [HEIN]

Congressional Testimony

WIPO Copyright Treaties Implementation Act: Hearing on H.R. 2281 Before the H. Subcomm. on Telecommunications, Trade, & Consumer Prot. of the H. Comm. on Commerce, 105th Cong., June 5, 1998 (Statement of Robert L. Oakley) (CIS-No.: 92-H271-62).
Copyright Infringement Liability of Online and Internet Service Providers: Hearing Before the S. Comm. on the Judiciary, 105th Cong., Sept. 16, 1997 (Statement of Robert L. Oakley) (CIS-No.: 98-S521-22).
WIPO Copyright Treaties Implementation Act, and Online Copyright Liability Limitation Act: Hearing on H.R. 2281 & H.R. 2180 Before the H. Subcomm. on Courts & Intellectual Prop. of the H. Comm. on the Judiciary, 105th Cong., Sept. 16, 1997 (Statement of Robert L. Oakley) (CIS-No.: 98-H521-1).
National Information Infrastructure Copyright Protection Act of 1995: Hearing Before the S. Comm. on the Judiciary, 104th Cong., May 7, 1996 (Statement of Robert L. Oakley) (CIS-No.: 97-S521-65).
Impact of Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Budget Reductions on the Library of Congress: Hearing Before the J. Comm. on the Library, 99th Cong., May 7, 1986 (Statement of Robert L. Oakley) (CIS-No. 86-J891-4).

Book Chapters & Collected Works

Robert L. Oakley, Foreword, in Celebrating Diversity: A Legacy of Minority Leadership in the American Association of Law Libraries ix-xiii (Carol Avery Nicholson, Ruth Johnson Hill & Vicente E. Garces eds., Buffalo, N.Y.: William S. Hein & Co. 2006). [BOOK]
Robert L. Oakley, Service to the Profession, in The Spirit of Law Librarianship: A Reader 99-106 (Roy M. Mersky & Richard A. Leiter eds., Chicago: Alert Publications 2d ed. 2005). [BOOK]