Foreign Law
Acts of the U.K. Parliament

Subjects: Foreign Law, Great Britain

Acts of the U.K. Parliament provides links to the full text of all U.K. Parliament Public General Acts and all Local Acts as they were originally enacted. As an exception The European Communities Act 1972 and Northern Ireland Assembly Disqualification Act 1975 are also available. [Internet resource: free on the Web]

China Legal Knowledge Resources

Subjects: China, Foreign Law

Please access the English version of this database here. The largest and most comprehensive electronic database published by CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure), China Knowledge Resource Integrated Database is an all-rounded access to resources in Chinese language including CAJ (China Academic Journals covering 10 major academic disciplines from 1994 onward ); CJP (Century Journal Project, 1915-1993), China Doctoral Dissertations Full-Text Database (from 1999 onward), China Master's Thesis Full-Text Database, China Proceedings of Conferences Full-Text Database (from 2000 onward), China Core Newspapers Full-Text Database (2000 onward), China Yearbooks Full-Text Database (1912 onward) and China Reference Works Online. Single database searching or cross-database federated searching option is available.CLKD integrates the only content officially sanctioned by the People's Republic of China allowing users to follow both national and local laws enacted from 1949 to date. Includes: Laws and regulations from 1949 to date; Cases from 1979 to date; Law reviews/journals from 1994 to date from 2, 900 journals published in China (including a growing number in English); Dissertations/theses from 1999 to date, from 35 JD and 130 LLM programs; Conference proceedings from 2000 to date (90% full text in Chinese, 10% in English); and Newspaper articles from June 2000 to date.


Subjects: Intellectual Property, Foreign Law

Offers IP decisions from around the world. Several languages are available but not all materials are necessarily in English. General searching, points of law, comparison are available. Statistical analysis of harmonization or lack of same is possible.

Foreign Law Guide

Subjects: Foreign Law

Provides complete bibliographic citations to foreign legislation and where to find it in English when possible. Offers selected references to useful secondary sources. Arranged by country with an introduction to the legal system of that country as well as the availability of codes, session laws, and court reports. The subject section for each country outlines major laws in that jurisdiction on that subject.


Subjects: Foreign Law, Business

Use to retrieve legislation and regulations from 90 jurisdictions worldwide. For non-English speaking jurisdictions, machine-generated English translations are provided, along with links to the laws in their original language. Enter search terms in English. Then use the country filters on the left to narrow the results by jurisdiction. Or click on the "Advanced Mode" link to refine the results by adding additional search terms.


Subjects: Foreign Law, Great Britain

Hansard (the Official Report) is the edited verbatim report of proceedings in both Houses. Commons Hansard covers proceedings in the Commons Chamber, Westminster Hall and Standing Committees. Lords Hansard covers proceedings in the Lords Chamber and its Grand Committees. Both contain Written Ministerial Statements and Written Answers. Daily Debates are published on this website the next working day at 8 am.

Justis UK Statutes

Subjects: Foreign Law, Great Britain, Legal History

The Justis UK Statutes database (with JustCite add-on) contains the full text of all Acts of Parliament in England, Wales and Scotland as enacted from 1235 to the present day. UK Statutes is the only statute law database to contain Scottish Acts of Parliament and repealed legislation. All Acts appear as enacted, with links to amended and amending legislation allowing the user to trace the development of the law. A notable feature of the Justis services is the JustCite tabs, which provide users with a visual display of the path of legislation. You can also use this link for JustCite (NB: Georgetown does not subscribe to Justis content other than UK Statutes, JustCite and International Law Reports.)


Subjects: China, Foreign Law

"LawInfoChina is an English-language web site that publishes Chinese statutes, regulations, cases, government policies, legal news, treaties, law review articles, and law links. The English versions are for reference only. Use the Chinese versions for authority. ChinaLawInfo is an online legal database in Chinese, including more than 270,000 pieces of laws, regulations, legal essays, and other legal information of China, as well as the content of all legal gazettes published in China, such as the Gazette of the Supreme People's 'Court of the People's Republic of China' and others. The Chinese database contains more content than the English database."""

Subjects: Foreign Law, Great Britain

" brings together the legislative content previously held on the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) website and revised legislation from the Statute Law Database to provide a single legislation service. is the official site for UK Legislation as it is originally made (as enacted) and with a latest version, which shows how the legislation has changed. (Internet resource: free on the Web.)"

LexisNexis China Law Database

Subjects: China, Foreign Law

"The LexisNexis China Law Database is a collection of Chinese laws, regulations, tax information, judicial decisions, and other legal documents, collected from government sources, and TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH by LexisNexis China Online (COL) in Beijing. Government sources include the National People's Congress, the State Council, the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Justice, Finance and other ministries, the State Environmental Protection Administration, and other departments and offices. You can search for all available documents classified by topic (e.g. tax, trade, environment, insurance), or create your own word search. Excluded: laws of public service, social policy, constitution, criminal law, employment and human resources and procedure laws."

OECD iLibrary

Subjects: e-Book Collection, Foreign Law, International Law, International Organizations

"OECD iLibrary contains all the publications and datasets released by OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development), International Energy Agency (IEA), Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), OECD Development Centre, PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), and International Transport Forum (ITF) since 1998 -- some 390 complete databases, 2.500 working papers, 5.500 books, 14.000 tables and graphs, 21.000 chapters and articles. The OECD iLibrary is a new platform that replaces SourceOECD and hosts all content equally so users can find -- and cite -- tables and databases as easily as articles or chapters. The citation tool for datasets and tables is new and unique to the OECD iLibrary."""

Public Documents Masterfile

Subjects: Foreign Law, Government Documents, History, International Organizations, Legal History, Treaties

"Public Documents Masterfile is an electronic guide to federal, state, local and international public documents, spanning over 200 years of publication, in a single searchable database. Contains two types of records, full bibliographic records and brief records comprised of index terms or pointers to public documents cumulations or catalogs. The more than 5 million records now (2011) online comprise: * Post-1976 GPO Documents * GPO Monthly Catalog Indexes 1900-1976 with Page/Entry Numbers and Depository Status (forthcoming) * GPO Documents 1789-1976 with SuDocs Numbers * Pre-1900 United States Documents * International Documents (e.g., World Bank Records) * US Department of Energy * ERIC files * Non-U.S. Documents (Canada, with other countries forthcoming) * State and Provincial Documents * Non-GPO Public Documents Held by the Library of Congress. Paratext has added more than 12 million links from its core research products—19th Century Masterfile (NCM) and Public Documents Masterfile (PDM)—to full-text resources, many in the public domain. These links, which will be fulfilled through Google Book Search™ and Google News Archive Search™, include more than one-million links to documents in The New York Times Archive."

Statutes of the Republic of Korea

Subjects: Foreign Law, Korea

Statutes of the Republic of Korea is the only database of the Statutes in English rendered in Korea, providing access [to] about 800 Statutes including the Constitution and other major Acts and enforcement decrees from among the current Statutes of the Republic of Korea.

Vietnam Laws Online Database

Subjects: Foreign Law, Vietnam

"Vietnam Laws Online Database is an online searchable database of English translations of over 3,000 Vietnamese laws covering a wide range of subject areas relevant to foreign investment and beyond."