HeinOnline: U.S. Presidential Library

Subjects: Political Science And Government

HeinOnline’s U.S. Presidential Library contains Messages and Papers of the Presidents, v.1 (1896)- v.10 (1899) / James D. Richardson -- Compilation of Messages and Papers of the Presidents, vol.1 (1897)-v.20 (1916) / James D. Richardson -- Compilation of Messages and Papers of the presidents (new series), vol. 1 (1897)-vol. 20 (1929) / James D. Richardson -- Public Papers and Addresses of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, vol. 1 (1928)- vol. 5 (1936), 1937-1945 / Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Samuel L. Rosenman -- Public papers of the Presidents of the United States (Herbert Hoover-George Bush, 1931-2005) -- Code of Federal Regulations: Title 3 (1936-2001) -- Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States, vol. 1 (1989) -- Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, vol. 1 (1965)-vol. 45 (2009).

International Political Science Abstracts

Subjects: Political Science and Government

International Political Science Abstracts (IPSA), is a bibliographic database that indexes and abstracts articles from periodicals published throughout the world. Articles in English are abstracted in English; those in other languages are abstracted in French, with all titles translated into English.

Keesing's World News Archive

Subjects: Newspapers and Newspaper Indexes, Political Science And Government

Keesing’s World News Archive is a database comprising their full archive - more than 95,000 articles, first from 1931-87 as Keesing’s Contemporary Archives, and then as Keesing’s Record of World Events from 1987 to the present. They continue to publish and add to this archive at the rate of about 150 articles per month, providing a detailed summary of the world's political, social, and economic events.

Nexis Uni

Subjects: Legislation, Government Documents, Political Science and Government, Legal History

LexisNexis Academic Universe provides full-text documents from over 5,600 news, business, legal, medical, and reference publications with a variety of flexible search options. LexisNexis Academic provides searchable access to a comprehensive spectrum of full-text information from over 5,600 sources, selected to meet academic research needs, including: National and regional newspapers, wire services, broadcast transcripts, international news, and non-English language sources; U.S. Federal and state case law, codes, regulations, legal news, law reviews, and international legal information; Shepards Citations for all U.S. Supreme Court cases back to 1789; Business news journals, company financial information, SEC filings and reports, and industry and market news.


Subjects: Reference, Political Science and Government, Business

OxResearch provides succinct analytical articles covering world and regional economic and political developments of major significance. Evaluates issues and events within a coherent political, social, and economic framework. Contains objective, multi-disciplinary articles compiled by an extensive international network of over 1,000 faculty members at Oxford and other leading universities around the world, as well as think-tanks and institutes of international standing. Covers events back to 1984.

PAIS International

Subjects: Journals and Journal Indexes, International Relations, Political Science and Government

PAIS International is a bibliographic index to the literature of public policy, social policy, and the social sciences in general. Journal articles; books; government documents; statistical compilations; committee reports; directories; serials; reports of public, intergovernmental, and private organizations; and most other forms of printed literature from all over the world are indexed.

ProQuest Congressional

Subjects: Political Science and Government, Government Documents, Legislation, Legal History

Bills & Public Laws 1987-present; Committee Prints & misc. publications 1817-present; Congressional Record Bound Edition & predecessors 1789-2001; Congressional Record Daily Edition 1985-present; Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports 1916-present; Hearings 1817-present; House & Senate Documents 1817-present; House & Senate Reports 1789-present; Serial Set publications 1789-present; Serial Set Maps 1789-1969; CIS Legislative Histories 1969-present.

ProQuest Political Science

Subjects: Political Science And Government, Journals and Journal Indexes

ProQuest Political Science gives users access to over 150 leading political science and international relations journals. This database provides full-text of many core titles included in Worldwide Political Science Abstracts. It contains the text of some articles plus FULL TEXT AT GU LAW links out to the articles in other databases.


Subjects: Reference, Immigration Law, Statistics and Data, Political Science and Government

TRAC's core purpose is to make statistical information about the federal government's enforcement and regulatory effort more accessible to the public. It focuses on Immigration and on the ATF, IRS, DEA, FBI and DHS. TRACFED is a dynamic subscription site. The Law Library has a subscription, so you can request specific statistics, detailed listings, maps or charts and have the information returned to the browser.

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts

Subjects: Journals and Journal Indexes, International Relations, Political Science and Government

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts provides citations, abstracts, and indexing of the international serials literature in political science and its complementary fields, including international relations, law, and public administration / policy. The database is building on the merged backfiles of Political Science Abstracts, published by IFI / Plenum, 1975-2000, and ABC POL SCI, published by ABC-CLIO, 1984-2000. Since 2000, development of the serials list has focused on expanding international coverage. As of November 2005 approximately 1,500+ titles are being monitored for coverage; of these, 67% are published outside the United States.