Law Library fines are charged according to the following schedule:

Reserve General Collection Video Overdue Recall Lost Item
$2.00 per hour $1.00 per day $2.00 per day $5.00 per day $110.00 per item + overdue and recall fines
  • Renew your books, to avoid fines, through your Library Account.
  • Late general collection materials accrue daily fines.
  • Late course and other reserve items accrue fines immediately and at an hourly rate.
  • All fines and charges are added to the patron’s student account.
  • Payments must be made through the Student Accounts office. Payments are not accepted at the Circulation Desk.
  • Email the Circulation Desk, call (202-662-9131), or visit the Circulation Desk in Williams for questions concerning the amount or the reason for fines or charges.

Lost Items

  • All items overdue by four weeks are declared lost by the Law Library.
  • In addition to any accrued overdue and recall fines, the patron will be charged a lost book fee, and a processing fee of $110.00.
  • Replacement bills for videos are issued at one week past the due date.
  • Replacement bills for Reserve materials are issued four days past the due date.


  • You will receive an emailed notice if an item you borrowed has been recalled.
  • You will be provided a new due date for the item.
  • Fines will be assessed if a recalled item is not returned by the new due date.

Overdue Fine/Lost Book Appeal

Claims Returned Procedure

  • Contact the Circulation Desk if you received a lost book or overdue notice for materials that you believe have been returned, or submit a Patron Claims Returned Form (which contains additional information regarding our Claims Returned Procedure).
  • Your library privileges are not affected while the Library investigates your claim.

Local Academic Library Books (including from Main Campus)

  • Books borrowed by choosing “Request book from a Local Academic Library” within the catalog fall under the policies, procedures, and fines indicated by that lending library.
  • If a book from a local academic library needs to be renewed, please login to My Library Account. From the list on the left-hand menu, choose the library that loaned you the copy, and then click “Renew” under the appropriate book title. The system will let you know if the title has been successfully renewed.