What We Accept

The Law Center Archives retains and provides access to records of historical and evidential value to Georgetown University Law Center.

  • Official Materials: Official internal and external reports, internal and external publications, plans, proposals, programs, newsletters, articles, books, and audio-visual capture, regardless of format.
  • Meeting Minutes: Official minutes of all departments, committees, task forces, and forums, including minutes, proposals, and official reports.
  • Events/Programs Ephemera: Events, programs, lectures, speeches, and award ceremonies, brochures, posters, announcements, official invitations, advertisements, lecture notes and speeches (published or unpublished). Including student group programs.
  • Statistics: Final copies of compiled office statistics, department statistics, and any other kind of statistics which are collected by and for the office for official internal or external purpose (i.e., ABA).
  • Images: Photographs, slides, negatives, digital files of all video capture relating to events/people connected to the office.
  • Miscellaneous Items: Materials which do not fit the above categories but which are thought to be important to the history of the office, such as special report, an artifact (brick from the old building), or an item by a private party to Georgetown.

Transferring Materials

  1. Use banker-size boxes for transfer. Archives can provide them, if needed. To request boxes, contact us at lawspecl@georgetown.edu
  2. Create a box/folder list for each box.
  3. Label each box (Box 1 of 1, Box 2 of 5, etc.). Include your department name and date of the materials.
  4. Fill out the Archives Transmittal Form or request from the archives by email at lawspecl@georgetown.edu.

Please note that once materials are transferred to the Law Center Archives they are now the custody of the archives and subject to the archives’ policies and procedures. You may still access your records any time by contacting the Law Center Archives either by phone or email.

Accessing Your Records in the Law Center Archives

  1. Contact the archives by phone or email.
  2. Indicate your question or research topic, and any deadlines that pertain to your request.
  3. Note whether you wish to come to the archives to review material or if you wish to have copies sent to you by interoffice mail or email.
  4. If you are unsure of what materials you need to access contact the Law Center Archives for further assistance.

Refer all outside requests for archival records to the Law Center Archives.