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Off-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Housing for International Student

The Office of Residence Life offers off-campus housing services to all Georgetown University Law students.  For international students, we hope to make your transition to living in Washington, D.C. as easy as possible.  Please stop by our office, located in the Gewirz Student Center, Room 104 or contact our Off-Campus Housing Coordinator at (202) 662-9290.

Please note that while our office provides off-campus housing assistance, we are unable to supply listing opportunities from individual property owners.  In an effort to provide our students and community with the best possible service, the Office of Residence Life does provide links to to other housing listing services in the area.


Student Housing Orientation Program (SHOP)

International students are also encouraged to participate in our Student Housing Orientation Program.  SHOP is a housing fair designed to assist students who anticipate living off-campus.  The SHOP program offers students the opportunity to find both housing and prospective roommates.  The next SHOP orientation will be announced this Spring.

Following the SHOP program, housing clinics will be offered to provide additional assistance in the search for off-campus housing.

For those students participating in the Foundations of American Law and Legal Education Program and living in Gewirz, your summer Resident Advisors can organize helpful tours of the city neighborhoods.  For international students who are not on campus for the Foundations program, you may wish to reserve short-term housing to help you begin your apartment search.

For additional information on SHOP or the housing clinics, please contact the Office of Residence Life.


Off-Campus Housing Search

Please review our Checklist for International Students below before starting your off-campus housing search.  This checklist includes documentation and items that may be required of you before renting an apartment. 

For students unfamiliar with the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, please visit our website to learn more about the different sections of D.C., Virginia, and Maryland, and to get a sense of the average rental rates in these areas.

Once you've become familiar with the neighborhoods and have narrowed down your areas of interest, you can visit our resources website to find a helpful list of housing listing services, leasing information, utilities that you may need to set up, renters insurance, and furniture rentals. 


Off-Campus Living Checklist for International Students

Documentation and/or items that may be required before signing your lease:

  • Guarantor-Some apartments may require you to have someone living in the United States who will "guarantee" payment of rent if you fail to do so.
  • Completed Application and Application Fee-Rental history and references are often required on applications. Application fees vary greatly, depending on the rental agreement.
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of I-20/IAP-66 or Student Visa
  • Acceptance Letter from Georgetown University Law Center
  • Letter from Law Center Student Accounts or Financial Aid Office with account status
  • Payment in full for the term of lease

(Not all management companies will accept this method of obtaining a lease.)


For additional assistance you may contact:

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