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The Gewirz Student Center provides on-campus housing for incoming law students. Beyond the obvious benefit of a short commute, on-campus housing provides a built-in community and additional support for the transition to Law Center life. Study groups often form in Gewirz kitchens and living rooms. Resident Fellows and Chaplains-in-Residence mentor students and connect them with new opportunities around campus and around Washington, DC. The Gewirz Student Center Resident Handbook keeps everyone up to date on policies and resources available to community members. If something needs to be repaired in the building, residents can submit a Gewirz Service Request to our Facilities office. If hosting a guest, residents do not need to fill out a form in advance. Residents need to inform their roommates and upon arrival check-in at the front desk with security.

The Gewirz Student Center also plays host to a variety of servicesĀ and events to which residents have regular access. Student Health and the Center for Wellness Promotion are both located on the Lower Level while nine of our academic centers and institutes have offices on the third floor. Opportunities to interact with faculty and with other students abound, makingĀ on-campus housing a vibrant community for incoming law students.

Beginning in August 2021, Georgetown University will be investing in a new building for the McCourt School of Public Policy. The building will be constructed just south of the Gewirz Student Center and, while the contractors will work with the Law Center to mitigate any issues for residents and students in general, construction projects do involve a certain level of noise and disruption. The Gewirz community successfully weathered the construction of the Ginsburg Sport & Fitness Center and the Hotung International Law Building during the academic year, as well as the foundational work on the Capitol Crossing project across 2nd St. We will get through this newest addition to the campus, too. Construction noise will be a fact of life during the day, but unlike the Capitol Crossing project, there will be no construction at night. We will work to limit the disruption as much as possible.

Resident Parking Available for the Fall Semester

Gewirz residents will have access to parking this year. You will need to fill out this form to apply for parking. The current Fall 2023 rate is $920.00 a semester. Please email lawfacilitiesmgmt@georgetown.edu for more information.

Apartment Information

See floorplans, rental rates, and other information about the apartments at the Gewirz Student Center.

Application Process

Incoming students must apply to live in the Gewirz Student Center and usually participate in a housing-selection lottery the summer before their classes start. The application process begins in the spring, but you can start preparing now by familiarizing yourself with the application process.

Resident Fellows

The Resident Fellows are upperclass students who support and mentor incoming students as they transition into life at Georgetown Law. Follow this link to learn more about the position and meet this year's cohort of Resident Fellows.

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