The Vision of the IMBR Initiative is a world in which the human rights of all international migrants are protected, regardless of the impetus of their migration. Individuals can be migrants regardless of whether their migration is temporary, lawful, regular, irregular, forced, for protection, for economic reasons, or for any other reason. The Purpose of the IMBR Initiative is to advocate for the protection of migrants’ human rights by promoting the understanding and implementation of the International Migrants Bill of Rights. The Goal of IMBR Initiative is to pursue this vision and purpose through work at the international, regional and country levels with a three-pillar approach:

  • Research country-level migration law and policy
  • Educate migrants, advocates and governments about laws protecting migrants’ rights
  • Advocate to promote the IMBR in legal and policy fora

Upcoming Events and Activities

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Recent IMBR Initiative Work and Publications

In May 2017, the IMBR presented an analysis of the role of human rights in the development of international compacts addressing the movement of refugees and migrants and in the text of the United Nations New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants at an event hosted by the Friends of Migration Group.

In the fall of 2014, the IMBR Initiative joined the International Detention Coalition and a broad coalition of civil society organizations to petition for a thematic hearing on the detention of migrants before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. The IMBR Initiative provided Written Testimony & Memorandum of Law for the hearing. (See also the Hearing Request in Spanish and Hearing Request in English).

In the fall of 2013, the IMBR Initiative submitted a petition to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights requesting a thematic hearing on the rights of migrants and the application of the IMBR to the Americas.

In the fall of 2013, the IMBR Initiative submitted a statement to the United Nations High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development.