COVID-19 & Racial Disparities in Health

July 21, 2020

Georgetown Law and its O’Neill Institute for National & Global Health Law will host “American Injustice: A Legal Action Agenda for Racial Disparities in Health” on Thursday, July 23.


Before COVID-19, the health policy community was painfully aware of wide disparities in lifespan and well-being that correlate with class and race. But in the public sphere, such inequity was often overlooked. Now, the virus is spotlighting it — through stark differences in death rates, workplace exposure, and opportunities to stay safely secluded at home. What can be done to diminish racial injustice in health, and are we entering a political moment that might allow for reforms once deemed impossible? Join health policy experts for “American Injustice: A Legal Action Agenda for Racial Disparities in Health.”


M. Gregg Bloche, (moderator) Professor, Georgetown Law; Author, Hippocratic Myth: Why Doctors Are Under Pressure to Ration Care, Practice Politics, and Compromise Their Promise to Heal

Yael Cannon, Associate Professor of Law, Georgetown Law; Founding Co-Director, Georgetown University Health Justice Alliance

Sheila Foster, The Scott K. Ginsburg Professor of Urban Law and Policy, Georgetown Law; Professor of Public Policy, Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy

Dayna Matthew, Dean, George Washington University Law School

Brian Smedley, Chief of Psychology in the Public Interest, American Psychological Association; former executive director of the National Collaborative for Health Equity; former Vice President and Director of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies’ Health Policy Institute


Thursday, July 23, 2020
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm EDT


Via Zoom webinar. Link to be provided to registrants.


Please register via this link.