Join the IIEL Faculty Director and Georgetown Law Professor Chris Brummer every Tuesday as he hosts Fintech Beat to tackle the challenges erupting at the intersection of finance, tech and policy, providing diverse insights to help listeners make decisions in a quickly evolving sector.

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A brief selection of the over 100 episodes include:

How Switzerland will regulate Libra

Mark Branson, the top regulator in Switzerland, explains how Libra came to be based in the country, and how he intends to regulate the cryptocurrency.

Who should be an accredited investor?

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce joins the podcast to talk about artificial intelligence and capital markets for a live conversation at the HPC + AI Wall Street conference.

The ethical algorithm

Algorithms have evolved into to powerful engines of financial technology. But they don’t always live up to the hype, as algorithmic models fail to take account of basic societal concerns like fairness, privacy and bias. Fintech Beat sits down with Michael Kearns to find out what can be done to make algorithms “ethical.”

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