Bank for International Settlements Teams Up with IIEL for Fintech Week

May 26, 2021

After a phenomenal turnout and a truly global reach of last year's virtual Fintech Week, the 5th annual Fintech Week will again be primarily held virtually- enabling our event to connect with tens of thousands of fintech leaders beyond the beltway on a global scale.

Fintech Works to Elevate Minority Leaders as Users Diversify

Nov 17, 2020

Call for diversity in leadership comes as data shows that fintech users are now about evenly spread across racial groups

Chris Brummer On FinTech, Inclusion, And The Future Of Wall Street

Oct 21, 2020

In the realm of finance and monetary policy, innovations propel change. Often, a symbiotic marriage between technology and policy creates forward movement intended to better the lives of the general public. If

Mainstream DeFi ‘Inevitable’: US Currency Comptroller at DC Fintech Week

Oct 21, 2020

Brian Brooks predicted a not-too-distant future in which distributed ledger technologies mediate financial services, making the legacy banking sector’s historic role as “central ledger-keeper” redundant.

Acting OCC Chair: In the Future, Banks Will Be Blockchain Node Operators

Oct 21, 2020

Banks won’t survive the incoming blockchain disruption and their roles will be relegated to advisory and value addition.

Central Bank of Kenya Governor at DC Fintech Week

Oct 20, 2020

Patrick Njoroge, discusses how Mpesa has impacted Kenya’s economic development, what central bank digital currencies and the rise of crypto mean for Mpesa, and vice versa.

NYT "Case Against Big Tech" article features Fintech Week comments

Oct 20, 2020

China is thinking decades, if not a century, ahead of other countries on fintech, Ripple CEO told Chris Brummer at DC Fintech Week 2020.

DC Fintech Week Opinion: The US risks getting left behind on CBDCs

Oct 20, 2020

The U.S. faces an increasingly urgent decision: whether to take serious steps towards issuing a CBDC, as the Bank of China and others have begun. The sooner it decides, the better.

Ripple CEO: Can China Control Bitcoin?

Oct 20, 2020

Ripple CEO comments about China and cryptocurrencies during DC Fintech Week

DC Fintech Week Opinion: CBDCs mean evolution, not revolution.

Oct 20, 2020

Benoît Cœuré , Bank for International Settlement's Head of Innovation Hub, offers op-ed at DC Fintech Week

OCC's Brooks Believes Banks Could Mint Stablecoins on Blockchains

Oct 20, 2020

Financial institutions in the long-term could become nodes on networks and mint their own stablecoins.

Central Banks, CBDCs and Cryptoeconomics at DC Fintech Week

Oct 19, 2020

Global Central Bank Digital Currency leaders talk shop as CBDC interest continues gaining global traction.

CoinDesk live at DC Fintech Week 2020 day 1

Oct 14, 2020

Bringing together marquee names from Switzerland’s FINMA, Sweden’s Riksbank, BIS, the U.S.’ CFTC and the IMF to discuss stablecoin regulation, central bank digital currencies, the future of money and more.