As part of the Spring International Economic Law and Policy Colloquium, faculty, students, Fellows, visiting researchers, and friends of the Institute of International Economic Law are invited to attend weekly sessions with thought leaders from the government, academia, international organizations, and the private bar.

Georgetown Law students with a particular interest in international economic law may take the Spring Colloquium for credit. Colloquium participants get the unique opportunity to network with key policymakers and academics, as they deliver and debate strategic insights in diverse international economic law fields including financial regulation, fintech, trade, tax, and more.

The Institute organizes a similar program in the Fall where faculty and visiting researches are given a platform to present and discuss their work with colleagues, experts and interested students. Contrary to the Spring Colloquium, the Fall Colloquium cannot be taken for credit.

Further information for students interested in taking the class for credit may be found in the Georgetown Law Curriculum Guide.