As part of the International Economic Law Practicum, Georgetown Law student teams answer questions posed by real beneficiaries, such as international organizations, governments or NGOs. At the end of the semester, the project teams submit written legal memoranda and orally present their projects in class in the presence of the beneficiary and other invited guests.

The practicum is part of the broader TradeLab network and operates in collaboration with TradeLab to enable beneficiaries to submit projects, to facilitate the operation of the teams and to promote the completed work to the public.

About TradeLab

TradeLab is an online platform that allows countries, NGOs and other smaller stakeholders easy and smart access to legal talents in the field of trade and investment law. The TradeLab Practicum offers IIEL students the chance to work at the cutting-edge of international economic law, interacting directly with foreign governments, NGOs and multilaterals to address real-world problems—all while receiving course credit, unique mentoring, and practical training from global experts. Watch the 2021 Practicum Student Showcase here

The Practicum has proven extremely successful, with student project teams directly impacting the regulatory environment in a number of international legislative contexts. Please find Practicum-relevant information in Georgetown Law’s Curriculum Guide.

Past Projects

Some examples of past TradeLab projects include:

  • Fisheries Subsidies: Buenos Aires and Beyond Summarizing developments   and   charting   way forward for progress at the WTO
  • Trade and Gender and International Practices Identification and  sharing  of  best  practices  for gender inclusive trade policies
  • The U.S. Response to Brexit Explores the US’ third-party rights and obligations under the WTO in the context of BrexiT

Watch the past Practicum showcases here.