Our Research Fellows carry out research independently and participate in Institute-sponsored initiatives, bringing their expertise to bear on a wide range of issues in the area. They engage in all aspects of the Institute of International Economic Law’s (IIEL) ongoing research on issues such as trade, financial regulation, arbitration, tax and transnational business.

The IIEL Research Fellows Program supports high-potential candidates for graduate programs and careers in law.  Research Fellows work alongside faculty, S.J.D. candidates and IIEL Fellows to strengthen their skills and refine their research interests in international economic law.

Generally, an initial step in participating in IIEL’s Visiting Fellows Program is to first apply for admission to Georgetown Law’s Visiting Researcher (VR) program an initiative similarly designed for visitors with well-defined, independent research agendas.  It is not generally appropriate for those who seek regular consultation with Georgetown faculty.

Visiting Researchers may, however, work through various IIEL programming streams, including the IIEL Fellows program, to receive feedback on their work and to meet other like-minded scholars in the area in our frequent workshops. Additionally, Visiting Researchers may attend the same networking opportunities and Institute events as IIEL faculty, professional staff and students.

For further information regarding Georgetown Law’s Visiting Researcher Program, including an application, please contact Georgetown Law’s Office of Transnational Programs and indicate an interest in IIEL in your application.