Documentation must be provided that shows that your emergency travel expenses were more than the allotted long distance travel amount in your standard budget. Increases for job search-related travel or non economy/coach accommodations are not allowable. Travel does not include expenses outside of ground or air transportation.

Documentation includes:

  • Trip itinerary between Washington, DC and the destination (must show your name, travel dates and proof of payment/s).
  • Statement explaining emergency situation for your immediate family member (parents, siblings, spouse and children).
  • All boarding passes

Budget Adjustment Request Form

*Notes regarding increases to your Federal loans:

The Department of Education assesses fees to originate (create) ALL federal loans. The Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan has a current origination fee of 1.057% and the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS (GradPLUS) Loan has a current origination fee of 4.228%. The amount that is originated on your behalf will be processed to include these fees. The amount that you will see on your financial aid award in MyAccess will be higher by the amount of these fees. The amount that will post to your student account and is refunded to you, will be lower by the amount of these origination fees or the direct amount that you specify below.