All requests for a standard family increase must be accompanied by the current lease agreement with ALL family members listed as occupants. If a rental increase is also requested, please enter that information on the form as well. Household information should have also been listed on your Applications for Financial Aid (Blue or Green applications). To document newborns or new family members, simply submit their hospital discharge papers, legal birth certificate or court documentation.

Students may also submit a request for documented medical expenses and childcare expenses for their legal dependents.

  • Please see Medical Reimbursement for all required documentation.
  • Enrollment agreements for childcare for dependent(s) must be submitted along with a copy of your two most recent proof of payments.
    • Childcare reimbursement shall not exceed the current tuition rate at the Georgetown Law Early Learning Center Georgetown Law Early Learning Center for Georgetown affiliated Pioneer/Explorers. The Early Learning Center’s rates are reasonably equitable with those in the surrounding area.
  • In situations of court ordered support, please submit all court documentation along with a brief personal statement explaining the order.

*Please note that students with working spouses or spouses who are students at Georgetown University or elsewhere are expected to split family costs equally.

Budget Adjustment Request Form

*Notes regarding increases to your Federal loans:

The Department of Education assesses fees to originate (create) ALL federal loans. The Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan has a current origination fee of 1.057% and the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS (GradPLUS) Loan has a current origination fee of 4.228%. The amount that is originated on your behalf will be processed to include these fees. The amount that you will see on your financial aid award in MyAccess will be higher by the amount of these fees. The amount that will post to your student account and is refunded to you, will be lower by the amount of these origination fees or the direct amount that you specify below.