Georgetown Law will only accept transfer applications from those who will have completed their first year of study at an ABA-approved law school by the time of matriculation into Georgetown Law. Please be advised that the Law Center will accept a maximum of 31 semester hours of academic credit for transfer from an ABA-approved law school.

Yes, and vice versa. Transfer applicants can apply to the Full-Time or Evening Programs (or both). If a previously Part-Time student is admitted to the Full-Time Program, they work with the Office of the Registrar to determine how to get on track with the rest of the Full-Time Program (summer courses, extra credits/semester, etc.).

Yes. However, the Admissions Committee will not consider applications for admission until applicants have 3 reported grades on their transcript from an ABA-accredited law school. Unofficial mid-term grades will not be considered.

No, Georgetown Law does not provide for the transfer of students from the LL.M. Program to the J.D. Program. Rather, Georgetown Law allows foreign-educated students, who have earned their LL.M. at Georgetown and who satisfy all the requirements for and are accepted to the J.D. program, to transfer up to 12 credits from their LL.M. Program to the J.D. Program, subject to the approval of the J.D. Associate Dean or a delegate. Those credits would apply to upper-class courses only and the standard first-year curriculum would have to be taken.

International applicants attending an ABA-accredited law school can apply to transfer. International applicants attending a law school that is not ABA-accredited are not eligible to apply for transfer but may apply to our first-year J.D. program.