This program is open only to current King’s College London LL.B. students. Students apply during their second year and enroll at Georgetown during the fall of the following year.

Upon admission, students transfer up to 28 credits toward the Georgetown J.D. and receive credit toward Georgetown’s required first-year curriculum for Law of Property, Law of Tort, and Contract Law.

In their first year at Georgetown, students enroll in Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law I, and Legal Practice: Writing and Analysis (year-long).  Spring semester includes Legal Practice and upper-class courses.

In their next year at Georgetown, students enroll in elective courses and complete their upper-class requirements. See the Georgetown Law Student Handbook for a complete list of requirements.  Assuming successful completion of all degree requirements, students receive both the LL.B. and J.D. degrees at the end of their second year at Georgetown.

The LL.B./J.D. Program is only open to King’s College London students who attended secondary school outside the United States.  Students should consult their King’s advisor for application procedures and additional information.