When should I apply?

Transfer applicants may choose to apply in either Round 1 of the Transfer Admissions process with only their 1L Fall grades or in Round 2 with their complete 1L grades. Applicants admitted in Round 1 will have sufficient time to fully participate in all Georgetown Law summer recruiting events designed for rising second-year students. Applicants admitted in Round 2 will be eligible to participate in some of Georgetown Law’s summer recruiting programs.

The Admissions Committee has advised that it expects to make decisions on a rolling basis within each Round and that applying as early as possible within your chosen Round is to your advantage. Further, the Committee expects to re-consider in Round 2 the majority of applicants who apply but are not accepted in Round 1, and thus strongly encourages those who are uncertain about which Round is right for them to apply in Round 1.

Please visit the Dates & Deadlines page for more information on each Round.

Can I apply online?

Yes. It is strongly advised that applicants apply online via the LSAC electronic application. Please be aware that LSAC needs time to process materials once received at their offices, so applicants should send their material to LSAC well in advance of application deadlines. Please note that you must have your law school's registrar send your Transfer Certification Form (or letter of good standing) directly to our office.

May I apply for both the full-time and part-time programs?

Yes. Transfer candidates may apply to be considered for the full-time program, part-time program, or Both. Applying to "Both" divisions signifies to the Admissions Committee that you are equally willing to attend either the full-time or part-time program if offered admission to Georgetown Law. If the Admissions Committee approves your application, it will specify in your acceptance letter the division to which you have been admitted.

May I apply while waiting for my grades or transcripts?

Yes. We recommend submitting all available application materials as soon as possible, even if you are waiting for your law transcript. Submitting your application early and then submitting your law transcript when it is available will allow our office to complete your application file more quickly. Because we have a rolling admissions system, it is to your advantage to complete your application as early as possible in the application cycle.

Will you accept a copy of my CAS Report from my current law school?

No. Your CAS Report must be sent to us directly from LSAC.

Should I re-take the LSAT?

We would not recommend re-taking the LSAT. The Admissions Committee takes a holistic approach when reviewing files, but the LSAT is not given as much weight as actual academic performance at your law school.

Do you offer fee waivers for transfer applications?

No, we do not allow fee waivers for transfer applications.

When will I receive my decision?

Application deadline and notification dates are posted when available on the Transfer Admissions Dates & Deadlines page.

How are transfer applications evaluated?

The Admissions Committee takes into consideration a number of factors in evaluating whether a candidate would be suitable for transfer admission. These factors include whether the person is likely to succeed at Georgetown, would benefit from a legal education here, and could contribute to the Georgetown legal community. In making such determinations, the Committee focuses on a number of criteria and does not use numerical cut-offs. However, competitive students are typically in the top 15% of their class with at least an A-/B+ average. In addition to examining the applicant's law school academic performance, the Committee also considers the personal statement, letters of recommendations/evaluations, extracurricular activities, contributions to the community, and professional experience.

Does Georgetown Law offer interview opportunities to transfer applicants?

The Admissions Committee may interview some applicants to learn more about them and their applications. Interview are by invitation only and may not be requested.

Does Georgetown Law offer scholarships to transfer students?

We do not offer merit-based scholarships to incoming transfer students through the Office of Admissions. However we strongly encourage you to apply for need-based grant assistance through the Office of Financial Aid. In addition, transfer students are fully eligible to participate in our Loan Repayment Assistance Program.

If I apply in Round 1 with Fall grades only and I am denied admission, can I apply again with Spring grades?

If you apply in Round 1, there are several decisions you could receive: Admit, Defer, or Deny. If you are denied admission, you will not be reconsidered with additional grades (and you cannot submit a new application). If you receive a deferral, the Committee will reconsider your file again after receipt of your Spring semester grades.

As noted above, the committee has indicated it is to most applicants' advantage to apply in Round 1.

If Admitted, what will I need to do to secure my seat in the class?

Admitted students will be provided specific instructions after their decision has been communicated. However, for planning purposes, please note that in addition to completing certain administrative tasks, admitted applicants seeking to secure their seat will be required to submit either a non-refundable tuition deposit of $2,750 or a Tuition Deposit Waiver indicating their binding commitment to matriculate at Georgetown.