Our preferred application is our online version, through LSAC

If you are unable to submit your application through LSAC, please contact us at


Application Fee

A nonrefundable $85 fee must be submitted at the time you apply. This can be done by credit card through LSAC. If you are unable to submit your application through LSAC, please contact us at

Transfer Certification Form

Please complete the first two sections of the Transfer Certification Form and have your current law school complete the third section. Your current law school should then send the form to Georgetown Law directly.

Georgetown Law does not require you to submit a letter of good standing from your current law school, however, a letter of good standing can be submitted in place of the Transfer Certification Form. The letter should include class rank and description of any disciplinary action.


Your resume should describe your work experience, extracurricular or volunteer activities, academic institutions attended, and any academic honors or awards. There is no page limit, though we recommend a one to two page resume.

Personal Statement

Your personal statement should describe your background, goals, and reasons for requesting to transfer. You should include any information that you feel will assist the Admissions Committee in making its decision.


You need to submit your current law school transcript with all final grades from the previous semester listed. We will accept an official transcript or an unofficial transcript obtained from your online student portal.

Applicants applying in the Spring semester of their first year must submit a transcript that includes all Fall semester grades. In addition, an applicant must have at least 3 reported grades on their transcript to apply. Mid-term grades that are not reported on a transcript will not meet this requirement.

Letter of Recommendation

Your letter of recommendation should come from a law school faculty member. While you are only required to submit one letter of recommendation, you are welcome to submit as many as you would like.