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Protestors march in downtown San Francisco ahead of the Global Climate Action Summit.

The Global Climate Action Summit: What happened, who protested, and why?

September 23, 2018 by Georgetown Environmental Law Review

By Lauren Phillips, Online Managing Editor

The 2018 Global Climate Action Summit brought thousands of people to San Francisco last week to announce commitments to fighting climate change. Outside the summit, however, protestors demanded that leaders set more ambitious goals. What happened inside and outside the summit, and did it represent a meaningful step to fighting climate change?

A prairie dog, an animal that can be found at many zoos.

D.C. District Court Announces Standard for Administrative Standing that Could Broadly Enable Third Party Participation in Agency Proceedings Regarding Environmental Claims

September 9, 2018 by bcf27 Litigation

By Samantha Peppers, Executive Editor

In administrative law, third parties may intervene in agency actions so long as they qualify as an "interested person." The D.C. District Court in a recent decision has articulated criteria for determining administrative standing, and in doing so, identified a clear standard for determining whether a party qualifies as an "interested person." The rule from this case is broadly applicable and may be helpful in enabling third party participation in many areas of environmental litigation.

A red tide rises along docks

A Blooming Problem: How Florida Could Address the Causes and Effects of Red Tide

August 29, 2018 by Georgetown Environmental Law Review Water

By John Niedzwiecki, Senior Editor

Florida’s Gulf Coast is known for its white beaches, lush plant and aquatic life, and unique wildlife. But this verdant paradise is threatened by the rise of red tides: harmful algae blooms that harm Florida’s economy, the health of coastal residents, and a very fragile ecosystem. What can the legal system do to protect Florida’s coast?

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