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Fisker Ocean all-electric SUV

The EV Tax Credit Phaseout: Necessary or Not?

March 3, 2022 by Vanessa Ishimwe

By Isaac Golub, Staff Editor

In 2009, the Obama administration created the electric vehicle tax credit to encourage purchasing electric vehicles (EVs). However, the bill included a built-in phaseout that starts once a manufacturer sells 200,000 electric vehicles. Is the current phaseout quota necessary, or is it ending the tax credit prematurely?

A highway turnoff for an oil field in Xinjiang

An Old Enemy: The Regressive Tendencies of American Foreign Policy

January 4, 2022 by Shannon Twiss

by Hunter Wiand, Staff Contributor

For years a CIA-linked think tank has covered Xinjiang. The current human rights crisis in the region may present a serendipitous moment for cynics in the American foreign policy establishment to pursue an old, familiar agenda.