Center on Ethics and the Legal Profession

It also focuses more broadly on the insights that multiple disciplines can provide on ethical awareness and behavior. Professor Mitt Regan is Director of the Center.

Program on Trends in Law Practice

Directed by Jim Jones, the program conducts research and analysis on the various ways in which the structure and nature of law practice is changing and the forces that are driving these changes. The Program publishes an Annual Report on the Legal Market, which is one of the most widely cited analyses of the legal industry.

Program on National Security Lawyers

Directed by Professor Mary DeRosa. this program examines the distinctive nature of the responsibilities of lawyers who work in the field of national security in both civilian and military roles. The Program conducts research and sponsors programs on issues that arise in this practice setting.

Program on Ethics and Moral Psychology

Directed by Professor Mitt Regan. this program examines research in disciplines such as cognitive and behavioral psychology, organizational behavior, and neuroscience on moral perception, judgment, and decision-making, and the implications of this work for ethical behavior and ethics education.

Law Firm Roundtable Program

Directed by Barry Cohen. this program convenes major law firm general counsel and ethics counsel four times during the academic year to discuss cutting-edge issues at the intersection of ethics, liability, risk management, and law firm management. The program is now in its eleventh year, and has served as an important forum for the exchange of ideas and the anticipation of new issues on the horizon.

The Center conducts an annual Law Firm General Counsel Workshop under the direction of Jim Jones in collaboration with Hinshaw and Culbertson.

The Center also has several distinguished Senior Fellows who provide expertise on a variety of issues relating to the work of the Center.