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Welcome to the J.D. Externship Program! Externships provide Georgetown Law students with enriching opportunities to earn academic credit while "learning by doing." By virtue of our location in the nation's capital, the Externship Program has unparalleled access to an array of judicial, governmental, and nonprofit field placement settings.

Exciting Developments in the J.D. Externship Program 

Beginning in the 2017-18 academic year, the J.D. Externship Program will implement significant changes to the program's seminar component and enrollment process!

Starting in fall, there will be an Externship I Seminar (for students participating in their first externship for credit) and an Externship II Seminar (for students participating in their second externship for credit). Both courses will be taught using a standardized curriculum focused on helping students develop professional skills that will assist them both in their externships and beyond in their future legal careers. These highly interactive seminars will provide students with multiple opportunities to practice professional lawyering skills and competencies that are universal across professional legal settings.

To learn about the new enrollment process, click here.

For an overview of the J.D. Externship Program, as a whole, please visit Program Overview and Requirements.

Fall 2017 J.D. Externship Application

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