With one of the largest full-time faculties in the world, you have access to over 45,000 law alumni and over 160,000 University alumni from around the world who are working in every imaginable field. Our alumni include global law firm leaders, foreign judges and professors at universities across six continents. Whether serving on an international court in The Hague, changing laws for women in Africa or running for president of the Ukraine, our graduates share their knowledge with a global audience.

Your Georgetown Law experience extends far beyond your days in school, and it is our goal to expand upon your legal education by helping you continue your experience as alumni. We all have special memories of Georgetown, including the bonds we made with classmates, friends, and professors, as well as the classes and experiences that touched our lives. Whether you graduated one year ago or fifty, we hope that you will reconnect with old friends, establish new relationships with classmates, and continue to grow and learn as you advance in your career.

Ways to Stay Connected

As a member of the Georgetown Law Alumni community, we invite you to stay in touch with the Law Center and take advantage of resources specifically for our alumni. To ensure we are giving you the best information and keeping you connected, please make sure you update your contact information whenever you move.

Get Involved

Georgetown Law encourages alumni to stay involved with the university. Learn more about potential volunteer opportunities below.

Alumni Clubs

We have alumni clubs all over the United States and 23 established international alumni clubs. These clubs regularly host events and provide a fantastic platform to connect with alumni locally. Learn more about regional clubs here.

International Law Alumni Boards

Distinguished alumni volunteers work on three international alumni boards to advise the Law Center on regional legal trends and represent the alumni community. These boards consist of:

Alumni Ambassadors

Georgetown Law’s ability to continually attract the best and brightest law students from around the globe relies heavily on our greatest asset, our alumni. Therefore, the Office of Graduate Admissions has developed a system whereby Alumni Ambassadors serve as a resource for admitted students who want more information about Georgetown. Ambassadors take part in a range of activities including connecting with admitted students via email, hosting receptions, and taking part in online discussions.

If you are interested in more information about this program and/or would like to participate as an Alumni Ambassador please reach out directly to the Office of Admissions via email.

International Giving

We have a number of funds specifically set up to support Georgetown Law’s global footprint. Click here to read about some of these funds.

We understand that tax incentives to giving varies greatly internationally. To help you maximize your gift we have the following giving opportunities:

UK Friends of Georgetown Limited

UK Friends is a registered charity in England and Wales. Gifts to UK Friends may be simultaneously eligible for tax benefits in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

View more information, FAQs, or make a gift to the UK Friends of Georgetown Limited.