The Criminal Justice Clinic is a law school clinical course in which students provide outstanding legal representation to defendants charged with misdemeanors while participating in a rich experiential and classroom learning program.

Students in the Criminal Justice Clinic represent defendants in misdemeanor cases in the District of Columbia Superior Court and prisoners in parole revocation proceedings before the U.S. Parole Commission. Charges typically include assault, destruction of property, drug possession, prostitution, theft, threats, and unlawful entry. Guided by the faculty and fellows, students in the clinic learn the judgment, knowledge of the law, and skills required for effective client-centered representation.Through reading assignments, mock hearings, reflection, and actual representation, students learn how to develop a case theory and the skills needed for outstanding representation:investigation and witness interviews, interviewing and counseling clients, negotiating with prosecutors and other actors in the system.Through practice in class and in actual trials, they develop the skills needed for litigation:motions practice, opening statements, cross-examination, direct examination, and closing argument.

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Clinic Logistics
Duration:Year Long
No. of Participants:
14 students/year
Open to:
Avg. Time Commitment:
25 hours/week
Client Work

Students in the clinic are appointed to represent a client and are responsible, under supervision, for all aspects of the client's case.To maximize the attorney-client relationship and to enable the student to appreciate the awesome responsibility of representing a person charged with a crime or facing revocation of parole, the students do not co-counsel cases with other students. The student's representation of clients is the centerpiece of the clinic, from which we learn law, skills, ethics, strategy, judgment, and larger issues such as the impact of race and class on the criminal justice system and how to be an effective and ethical agent for improving that system. 

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