The Federal Legislation Clinic teaches the art of legislative lawyering.It does so mainly through the clinic's representation of non-profit, public interest organizations that are seeking to advance legislative, regulatory and policy proposals in Congress and the Executive Branch.Concurrently, the students attend a seminar and participate in intensive exercises and simulations. The Clinic provides Georgetown law students with the training, supervision, and field experience necessary to become effective in advocacy to, or practice within, the federal Legislative and Executive Branches.

This Clinic focuses on the ways in which practice in and before Congress and the Executive Branch is unlike practice before Article III courts. Congressional and administrative legal processes produce law and policy under very different rules and procedures. Decision-makers are sometimes non-lawyers. Advocacy, briefings, and other activities often occur under timelines far shorter than a typical court filing deadline, and sometimes in unstructured and informal settings.  Participants must think through what the law could or should be, not just what it is. Legislative lawyers must be creative problem-solvers with diverse tool boxes of lawyering skills. At the same time, many of the skills honed in this Clinic –such as writing and speaking concisely without sacrificing precision –are transferable and useful in any practice environment.

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Clinic Logistics

Duration:Semester, Fall or Spring
No. of Participants:
12 students/semester
Open to:
All 2Ls and 3Ls
Avg. Time Commitment:
35 hours/week

Client Work

Most of the students' learning occurs by doing legislative lawyering work for the Clinic's clients.Client work includes activities such as:

  • Conducting legal and legislative research and analysis to assist the client in its work;

  • Making presentations to the client, to coalition partners, and –on behalf of the client –to policymakers on Capitol Hill and elsewhere;

  • Advising the client on policy options and strategic decisions;

  • Attending –and preparing the client for –meetings, hearings, markups and briefings on the Hill, as well as meetings and formal proceedings in the Executive branch;

  • Drafting legislative and policy proposals;

  • Analyzing the impact of legislative and policy proposals on existing law; and

  • Preparing materials for the client and coalition partners to use in their advocacy efforts.

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