Georgetown Law Center campus

Combining a world-renowned faculty, a dedication to intellectual stimulation and community, and a location in the heart of the nation’s capital, Georgetown is a unique place to study law.

Legal Education in Its Fullest Sense

Georgetown Law seeks not only to impart the tools of the lawyer's trade, but also to foster reflection and inquiry into the nature of law and the role and responsibility of lawyers in a global society. The goal is education in its fullest sense — not only mastery of "black letter law," but a sense of the philosophical, political, social and ethical dimensions of law, the awakening of an abiding curiosity about its nature and purposes, and the instilling of a sense of responsibility for its development and direction.

A Dynamic Intellectual Community

Georgetown nurtures the very highest standards of scholarly inquiry, intellectual rigor and ethical behavior, in a way that respects each student's individuality and fosters his or her particular interests and career goals. The result is a dynamic intellectual community, in which students have an unprecedented range of academic opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

An Unparalleled Vantage Point

Located in Washington, D.C., within blocks of the U.S. Congress that enacts laws, the Supreme Court that interprets them, and the administrative agencies that enforce them, Georgetown provides an unparalleled vantage point from which its faculty and students explore the dynamic legal processes of our nation and world.

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We'd Like to Meet You!

We conduct J.D. information sessions throughout the year and from October to April we offer campus tours in conjunction with the information sessions. Information sessions are focused on giving applicants an overview of the J.D. admissions process. Unfortunately, due to our high volume of applications, we do not schedule individual appointments. We encourage all interested applicants to attend an information session.

If you cannot make one of the scheduled dates, you are welcome to stop by the Admissions Office and pick up information for a self-guided tour. Arrangements can always be made for visitors at Georgetown Law. In the Fall, prospective students may also visit a law school class.

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