1. When does registration begin and end?
     a.  Important registration dates can be found on the Registrar’s website. Your registration dates/times are designated by your future expected class year in the term for which you will be registering. 
  2. Who do I contact with questions about registration?
    a.  Your advisor can answer questions you have about the curriculum and course selection.  You may contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance with registering for courses and waitlists.
  3. What are my options if my desired section is closed?
    a.  If your desired section is closed and if the waitlist is offered for that section, you will be able to add yourself to the waitlist.  If your desired section is closed and the waitlist is not offered for that section, you should choose an alternate section of that course. {Registering for Classes Instructions}
  4. What should I do if the section in which I am trying to register shows open seats but I am unable to register?
    a.  Review the course description text for any additional information regarding enrollment restrictions for that section.
  5. What should I do if I have a Hold on my account?
    a.  Check MyAccess for any Holds and resolve them in advance of your registration time slot. Holds will prevent you from registering for courses on your scheduled day and time.{Holds Video}
  6. How do I know what my schedule will be?
    a.  You can view your class schedule in MyAccess immediately after you complete your registration for the term.

Add/Drop and Waitlist FAQs:

  1. How do I add/drop or waitlist myself for a course?
    a.  Please view Registering for Classes Instructions
  2. Can I contact my Professor to be enrolled in a course off the waitlist?
    a.  Unless a course is listed as professor-permission, enrollment is processed through the normal registration/waitlist process.
  3. How long do I have to drop a course after classes have started?
    a.  Generally students may drop courses before the last day of add/drop activity without notation on their transcripts (some courses have special add/drop and withdrawal deadlines as noted in the Curriculum Guide).  After the add/drop deadline, course withdrawals must be approved by an academic advisor and are subject to the Tuition Refund Schedule.  A withdrawal notation (“W”) will be posted to the transcript for the withdrawn course.  See Course Withdrawals for the full policy, instructions, and the request form.
  4. Why did my waitlist position change?
    a.  A student’s position on the waitlist is subject to change and can change frequently as waitlist offers are made, seats are accepted/forfeited/become available, and new students join the waitlist.  Waitlist priority is also determined by class division and the date a student joined a waitlist.  For example, a third year JD student who joins a waitlist later will be given higher priority than a second year JD student already on the waitlist.
  5. How can I enroll in a course that is closed?
    a.  You will need to go through the waitlist process in order to be enrolled in closed courses.  Waitlist lotteries run each weekday (excluding holidays) at 4 PM ET but seats will only be offered if they are available (see Registration Timeline). 
  6. What happens if I don’t claim my waitlist seat by the deadline?
    a.  If you were on the waitlist (WL) and you did not claim your seat, you may need to wait 24 hours before putting yourself back on the waitlist. In order to expedite this process, log in to MyAccess, drop yourself from the WL (which expired), and place yourself on the WL again for that class. 
  7. How can I switch from a 2-credit to a 3-credit section? 
    a.  In courses that offer multiple credit options through separate sections, students in one section cannot switch to the other except through the normal registration/waitlist processes. Enrollment in one section of a course does not guarantee enrollment in the other section.
  8. Can I withdraw from a course after the Add/Drop deadline?
    a.  Except as otherwise provided for professor permission courses, clinics, practicum courses, or externships, students may withdraw from a semester or year-long course after the end of the Add/Drop period up to and including the last day of classes for the semester, as published in the Academic Calendar, after consultation with and approval by an advisor. Please see the Course Withdrawals website for additional information and the Course Withdrawal Request Form.
  9. Can I receive permission to enroll in a time conflict course if the professor approves or there is only an overlap of one minute/hour/day?
    a.  Per the Student Handbook: Regular and punctual attendance at all class sessions is required. Student participation is expected in all courses.  The Law Center’s attendance policy is a requirement of the American Bar Association, our accrediting body.  The registration system is set up to enforce this policy by preventing students from enrolling in time conflict courses.  Our office cannot override or waive this policy.

Registration Error Message FAQs:

  1. What should I do if I am unable to register due to a restriction on the course/section?
    a.  The best practice is to review the schedule of classes ahead of time in preparation for registration to determine restrictions, pre-requisites, co-requisites, and any special permission required for registration. Please seek guidance from your advisor if you wish to take a course that requires special permission or approval for registration.
  2. If the course/section I am trying to register for shows open seats but I am unable to register, what should I do? 
    a.  Please review the course text for any additional information regarding reserved seats for the section and other Registration Errors. {Common Registration Error Messages}
  3. I keep getting an error message that says “Department Restriction”, what does that mean?
    a.  If you are getting an error message that says “Department Restriction”, that means you tried to enroll in the wrong section of a cross-listed course. MyAccess will only allow you to enroll in the correct Course Subject based on your degree program (LAWD – Executive LLM, LAWG – SJD/all other LLM, LAWJ – JD). Please check the section again to make sure you are enrolling in the right course program.
  4. What does Prerequisite Error mean?
    a.  The registration system will not allow you to register (add/waitlist) for courses with unmet prerequisites until a written waiver from the course professor is submitted to our office. You should reach out to the seminar professor(s) and if approved, forward a copy of the email to us at lawreg@georgetown.edu. Please expect at least one business day processing time for the waiver to be entered into the system.