What can you do to prepare?

  1. Know HOW and WHEN to register.  Review the Registration Instructions for step-by-step instructions, short how-to user guide videos, and Common Registration Errors.  Registration windows are available on the Registration Timeline.
  2. ASK us in advance so we can help troubleshoot issues well in advance of the start of your registration window.  Email and include your GUID and 5-digit CRN, if applicable.
  3. Check your MyAccess & DUO login in advance of your registration time slot.  If you are having trouble logging into Georgetown MyAccess, make sure that you have enabled push notifications for the DUO app on your smartphone.  If you are unsure or unable to allow push notifications, be sure to open up the DUO App when attempting to log in so you can approve the sign in.  If you need to reset your password, visit
  4. Check MyAccess for any Holds in advance of your registration time slot.  Financial holds will prevent you from registering on your scheduled day and time.  Contact Student Accounts to remove financial holds.
  5. Obtain professor permission & prerequisite waivers.  Students will not be able to add or waitlist for restricted courses or “LAWJ” sections of courses that require a prerequisite course(s) they have not completed until a written waiver is emailed to lawreg@georgetown.eduPlease expect at least 24 hours processing time for the waiver to be entered into the registration system.
  6. Review your MyDegree audit to know what remaining requirements are still needed.  To access the program, log into MyAccess, click on the “Students” tab and select “Student Profile”.  Click MyDegree at the bottom of the left side tool bar to view your degree audit.  The “Audit View” lists your completed/in-progress courses and degree requirements, and identifies your remaining requirements as “Still Needed”.  Information on how to access and read your MyDegree audit is available on the Academic Requirements & Degree Auditing webpage.
  7. Review the Curriculum Guide for the Course Schedule.  Create a schedule that works for you and prepare a list of CRNs (5-digit course code) with alternate class options.  Be sure to confirm the days and times of the classes you select just before your registration window to account for any changes to the course schedule.
  8. Meet with an academic advisor to discuss course selection and academic planning.  J.D. students can schedule an appointment with an academic advisor through Symplicity or by contacting the Office of Academic Affairs at  LL.M. and Graduate students should reach out to their Program Director (Student Advising & Academic Programs).

As a reminder, Georgetown Law is committed to providing reasonable academic adjustments and accommodations for students with disabilities.  For an overview of the accommodations request process, please see the Getting Connected with Disability Services page.  If you are unsure if you require an accommodation, or want to learn more about their services, you may contact the Office of Disability Services at


1:1 Registration Appointments

The Registration team is available to meet with students who have quick questions about registration.  Please email to request an appointment.