Executive Education

There are many reasons why top performers seek out Georgetown Law Executive Education.  

A desire to hone your own performance and that of your team.  Enhanced management, negotiation or other practical skills.  Access.  A need to increase one’s knowledge about a substantive area of law or policy.  Demonstrable commitment to a firm’s most important resource: its people and their success.  Whatever the reason, we invite you to learn more about Georgetown Law Executive Education.

A Legacy of Learning: Georgetown Law has been a leader and innovator in legal education for nearly 150 years. Our Executive programs are built upon that strong foundation, expertly tailored to challenge lifelong learners to take their performance to the next level.  Located in Washington, DC just steps from the U.S. Capitol and Supreme Court, Georgetown Law is perfectly situated at the crossroads of global law and leadership.  We offer Executive training participants unparalleled opportunities to expand their skills and unrivaled access to top legal, regulatory and management experts.

Tailored Client Programs: one size does not fit all.

Our custom Executive Education programs allow us to work closely with partner clients to understand their professional development needs.  We create a perfectly tailored experience that delivers the precise tools and training needed to enhance not just their practice but also their business as a whole.  Our programs are interactive by design, with participants learning creatively and collaboratively in order to better achieve success.  Every detail is carefully managed to the client’s satisfaction and to enhance the skills required for success in today’s constantly evolving legal and business marketplace.

A Blend of Substantive & Skills-Based Training: Georgetown Law offers both substantive programs in legal subject matter areas and skills-based modules focusing on critical areas not traditionally taught in law schools.  Our Executive faculty and professional staff have offered global clients custom programs in diverse substantive areas such as Anti-Corruption & Compliance; Conflicts of Interest Matters for Non-Profit Boards; Global Trade; and the Management of Trusts and Endowments.   We have delivered management and skills-development programs to a range of clients, for attorneys at different stages of their careers.  One program may be designed specifically for young associates, focused on the substance and skills involved in drafting non-disclosure agreements.  Another program may touch on leadership and management issues that are paramount to a firm’s class of newly-minted counsel.

The Law & Leadership Series: all professionals can benefit from executive training in leadership and management.  As such, Georgetown Law Executive Education offers a suite of “Law & Leadership” programs, all of which involve interactive learning styles and can be tailored according to client experience level.  Partnering with clients, we craft bespoke programs focusing on practical skills such as leadership, management, decision-making, team-building and dynamics, communications, strategic planning, emotional intelligence, negotiation, organizational behavior, financial analysis, law firm economics and more.  Select modules include:

Career Development Modules

Career Development Planning for the Seasoned Practitioner/Leader

Life and Career Design

Law Firm Finance Modules

The Business of Law — Law Firm Economics

Legal Spend from the Client’s Perspective

Introduction to Accounting and Corporate Finance

Strategic & Project Planning Modules

Strategic Planning in Professional Services Firms

Small “n” Negotiations

Personal and Practice Group Branding

Organizational Behavior

Creating and Changing Cultures

Consulting Models and Methods

Problem-Solving Excellence

Strategic Management

Design Thinking

Leadership Modules: Leading and Managing Change in a Law Firm

Influential Conversations for the Seasoned Leader

Critical Conversations

Teamwork: Leading High Performing Teams

Inside Perspective — Leadership & Client Service from the Client’s Vantage Point

Law Firm Leadership — Challenges & Insights

Teams and Team Building — Decision-making Under Pressure

Leadership & Mindfulness

Moving from a Producer to a Manager

Behavioral Ethics & Leadership

Leadership and Governance

Innovation in Management

Principled Leadership

Tri-Sector Leadership

Coaching for Performance

The Critical Executive Competency — Creating Meaningful Personal Connections

Executive Leadership Training — Board of Directors Insights

Executive Leadership Training — Advanced Topics in Corporate Governance

Learn From the Best: Georgetown Law’s Executive Education faculty are global leaders in law, policy and management.  Our Executive courses are taught by full-time, visiting and adjunct faculty members from Georgetown Law and the broader University community, as well as by substantive experts.  All Executive program faculty bring world-class expertise to the sessions.

Flexibility: we offer multiple options for program delivery at Georgetown Law, at client sites, and around the globe.

To learn more, please contact us, at lawexeced@georgetown.edu.  We look forward to working with you!