Executive Education

Georgetown Law has been a leader and innovator in legal education for nearly 150 years. Our Executive Education Programs are built upon that strong foundation, expertly tailored to challenge participants to take their practice to the next level. Located in Washington, DC just steps from the U.S. Capitol and Supreme Court, Georgetown Law is perfectly situated at the crossroads of global law and policy. We offer Executive Education participants unparalleled opportunities to expand their skills and unrivaled access to top legal and regulatory experts.

Participants can choose from open enrollment or bespoke programs, all designed to enhance the skills required for success in today’s constantly evolving legal and business marketplace. Georgetown Law offers both substantive instruction in legal subject matter areas and skills-based modules focusing on critical areas not traditionally taught in law schools, such as leadership, management, decision-making, team-building and dynamics, communications, strategic planning, emotional intelligence, negotiation, organizational behavior, financial analysis, law firm economics and more. All of our programs involve interactive learning styles and can be tailored according to client experience level. We offer multiple options for program delivery at Georgetown Law, at client sites, and around the globe.

Our Custom Executive Education Programs allow us to work closely with partner clients to understand their personal and professional development needs. We create a perfectly tailored experience that delivers the precise tools and training needed to enhance not just their practice but also their business as a whole. Participants learn creatively and collaboratively to advance their own development and to better achieve success.

For more information, please contact us, at lawexeced@georgetown.edu.



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