Executive Education

For almost 150 years, we have been a leader and innovator in legal education. Our Executive Education Programs are built on that foundation, expertly designed to challenge practitioners and to hone the skills required to practice in today’s rapidly evolving legal and business landscape.

We offer both Open Enrollment Executive Education Programs as well as Custom Executive Education Programs.

Our Custom Executive Education Programs allow us to work closely with partner clients to understand their personal and professional development needs and to create a perfectly tailored experience that delivers the precise tools and training needed to enhance their practice and their business.

We deliver expert training in legal subject matter areas, as well as skills not traditionally taught in law schools including leadership, decision-making, communications, management, team dynamics, strategic planning, emotional intelligence, organizational behavior, and financial analysis. And our programs are designed in a format where participants learn creatively and collaboratively to advance their own development and to better implement the vision of their organization.

Our Executive Education Programs typically take place at the Georgetown Law campus in Washington, D.C., just steps away from the United States Capitol and Supreme Court. We can also work with clients to deliver on-site programs around the world.

For more information, please contact Alison Spada, Assistant Dean for Executive Education and Innovation at ams252@law.georgetown.edu.